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Last updated on April 19th, 2022 at 06:15 am

Today we will talk about Lowe’s business credit card. What is lowe’s business credit card and for what can you use Lowe’s business credit card? So basically business credit cards are a little bit different from regular credit cards. These cards are intended to be used by businesses rather than by individuals.

Lowe’s business credit card is one such credit card. Lowe’s is basically a store where you can find things related to house renovation, repair works, home décor.

Read the article to know more about lowe’s business account, Lowe’s credit card log in and other details.

Some salient features of Lowe’s business credit card

Lowe’s Business Credit Card Log in
  • Lowe’s is basically a hardware store and also has garden items and home décor items.
  • Lowe’s business card is a Lowe’s commercial account card
  • If you are in the real estate investing business then Lowe’s business card is good for you.
  • If you own any repairing company business then also this card is for you.
  • This card is also great for home décor business
  • You will receive an invoice and will be able to pay each month depends on your net account.

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Benefits of Lowe’s business credit card

If you are interested in buying Lowe’s business credit card or Lowe’s commercial service credit card so you must be willing to get some benefits by using this credit card. Here we will discuss the benefits of using the Lowe’s commercial service credit card.

  • If you buy Lowe’s business credit card, you will not be charged any annual fees.
  • You will be charged 0% interest fees for the first 60 days, you need to make minimum payment though.
  • You will get 5% cashback on purchases for first six months afet this period you will get 2% cashback.
  • Get $100 back in form of statement credit when approved.
  • You will receive two billing cycles to pay for new purchases
  • You will also get discounts on delivery charges for your business when you buy from Lowe’s store.

Lowe’s business Credit Card requirements

So if you have understood what is the Lowe’s business credit card and you are looking forward to enjoying the benefits of the Lowe’s business credit card then you must be wanting to apply for this business credit card. For this you must know the requirements to avail this amazing business credit card. Let’s discuss what are the requirements if you want to buy the Lowe’s business credit card.

So you need following documents to get Lowe’s business credit card

  • You should have a registered business
  • Your business EIN number
  • Business phone number
  • business email and business domain
  • Business address
  • Virtual address/home address is ok
  • D-U-N-S number (They will ask you if you do not put it on the application.)

Lowe’s American express business credit card log in

Congratulations now you have the Lowe’s business account and  you own the Lowe’s business credit card/Lowe’s commercial service credit card. Here we will tell you the process for your Lowe’s business credit card log in.

Lowe’s business credit card log in

  • You can simply go to the official website at commercial.syf.com 
  • Now just enter your ID and password and you are there to use your Lowe’s business credit card.

If you find any problem in log in process, you can simply call the numbers given below for assistance.

Business advantage:- 1-888-840-7651  commercial account:- 1-866-232-7443

How to do lowe’s business credit card payment?

To make online payments for your Lowe’s commercial service credit card, you can simply use Lowe’s business credit card log in portal. Just go to the lowes.com and pay your bills safely and securely. If you find any problem regarding your bill payment, you can call at helpline number at 1-888-840-7651  

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