How to play Lost Island Blast Adventure Levels | Check Gameplay Video

Last updated on December 29th, 2021 at 05:57 am

Lost islands and treasure hunts are humans’ oldest passions. Now in the form of the game, you can drive it better. Lost islands, new beaches and friends, treasure hunts, and building your mansion.

There is so much to do in this game with divine angels coming together to design the beaches and the sands. Dive in and discover what you can do here.

While you try to figure out an escape route, enjoy the island for real.

If you love puzzle games then it is going to be your best puzzle game till now.

If you haven’t gone to any island and you wish to be then it’s going to be fulfilled today. This game will give you a realistic feeling of the island.

You can design and build islands according to your choice and thoughts.

Lost Island Game

lost island blast adventure

When you step into the beach, you will also get many friends. And when you solve the puzzle, you could be able to decorate your Island with flowers and gardens.

  • Restore your beautiful Island and design it as you want.
  • Restore the old Island into a beautiful Island. Apply your mind and design it.
  • To solve the puzzle, you need to match and blast.

How many levels in lost island game?

The game is a puzzle and covers almost 5000 levels that are confirmed through a new recent update with uncountable quests to handle. If you are an adventurous spirit, you will like the game and will be able to make the most of your stay on the island.

If you are already playing the game, then you have more levels to score and if you are yet to start, then you have many days of fun time ahead of you with the game.

How to play lost island game?

To play lost islands here are a few clues to start with;

  1. Download the game from your favorite Playstore.
  2. Once done, start by decorating the tiny lost island. Win matches to complete the decoration process.
  3. Adventures can also be taken up. A three match blast game is what comes in the form of adventure. Keep completing challenges to boost the decoration process.
  4. As you keep playing seek an escape route to escape lost islands.

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Unlimited Money | Gems | stars | Gold

Get Lost Island unlimited stars, unlimited money, and unlimited gold trick. Watch the below gameplay video.

Install Lost Island Blast Adventure Game

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If you are hooked to the game, with the new levels set in, you have so much more to learn from them. The game is the best way to learn more about islands and the mysteries surrounding such islands. Get into the game to know more but read a little about it from here before that.

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