Eskom load shedding notifier app Free for Pc/iPhone/Android

Load Shedding Notifier Application For A Great Result

How about knowing the status of load shedding in your locality beforehand? Sounds quite convenient, right? Here is the load shedding notifier app to make this happen in reality. 

What is the load shedding notifier app?

  • This app is responsible for monitoring and notifying about the Eskom load shedding. 
  • It publishes different schedules when there is likely to be a power cut in your locality. 
load shedding app free

How to use the Eskom load shedding notifier app?

  • The Eskom load shedding notifier application is available on both Android and iPhones. It gives you the schedules about the reduction of electricity in certain areas
  • Instant notifications will come to the users of the app regarding the timing of electricity reduction.
  • Type the name of your area and click to get the schedule for load shedding

How to download the load shedding notifier app for free?

  • The process for downloading the load shedding app is not at all difficult
  • On Android or iOS, you can find the EskomSePush app
  • Now, click the ‘+’ and install the application
  • After successful installation, again go for the ‘+’ button
  • Enter your locality and tap on Search
  • As soon as you can detect the required area, add it to the list
  • You will start getting notifications about load shedding

How to download the load shedding notifier app for pc?

  • It is now possible to download the load shedding notifier app for our PC for free
  • Although it is mainly developed for Android users, it is applicable for PC users too
  • After the initial installation phase, browse and go for the ‘Next’ option to start the second installation
  • Finally, click Finish and connect with a google account
  • Now, you can use the app and receive notifications on your registered email about the probable power cuts in the area. 

How to install the load shedding notifier app for iPhone?

  • From the iPhone, you need to open Apple Playstore first
  • Go for the Load shedding app
  • Download and wait till the installation process completes
  • Add your area
  • You are ready to receive the notifications for load shedding on a given date

What is the Load shedding schedule today?

  • Load shedding schedule today implies the chances of electricity reduction or load shedding in a specified area on the present day. 
  • So, it is now easy to get prepared for a dark day if you have this app installed.

Load shedding app thus gives you an idea about the likelihood of power cuts in your area. Download it today and live tension-free.

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