Where Can I Put Money On My Cash App Card (2024)?

The Cash App is not just convenient, but it is one of the most reliable apps today for money transfer. Its services are quick, mostly free and offer you the best protection in the industry.

Adding money when your wallet is empty is no longer a challenge. How or where can you add money into your Cash App account is detailed below.

How to put money to Cash App Card at Walgreens?

Cash App Card at Walgreens

Adding money to the Cash App Card at Walgreens departmental store is easy. All you need to do is,

  • Go to the cashier and 
  • provide them with your account details and the cash amount. 
  • The cashier will then transfer the cash amount to your account directly with a card reading machine’s help. 

For this, you have to be a registered customer of the Cash App at Walgreens to help this facility offered by the app. However, if you aren’t a registered member, then you can still go ahead and tell the cashier to put money to your App Card by paying the cashier a nominal fee of $4.

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How to put/load money on Cash App Card?

The Card can be used at various stores and facilities that have the provision to accept Visa cards. Your Card is directly mapped to the account, and so whenever you need to add money to it, you can follow the below steps:

  • You need to launch the Application on your smartphone.
  • Tap on the “My Cash” tab on the bottom left side of your Application home screen.
  • Hit the “Add Cash” button on the “My Cash” page.
  • On the “Add Cash” page, specify the amount you want to add to the Cash App and then click the “Add” button.
  • Finally, confirm the process by entering your PIN or using your Touch ID.

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Where can I add/put money on my Cash Card?

The most simple way to add money to your Cash Card is with the Cash App’s help, where you can load cash using a debit card or bank account.

If you wish to add money to your Card, you can also visit a money transferring franchise or stores facilitating payments via Cash App.

You can put your Cash Card at Walmart Store, Dollar General Store, Walgreens, CVS, Family Dollar & at 711. Besides this, you can add money to your Cash Card at ATMs

Can you fill the Cash card at a Dollar General Store?

Yes, you can fill your Card at a Dollar General Store. Dollar General Corporation is a US-based chain of variety stores. All across the US, there are 16278 Dollar General Stores. Besides operating a variety store, Dollar General Stores also facilitate fund transfers and serves as a fund transfer exchange company.

The process of loading cash to your Card is the same in most stores; however, the charges to do the funds transfer may vary from store to store.

Most of the stores have a cashier who helps customers with the fund transfer using their account details.

 Is it possible to load my Cash Card at CVS?

CVS stores in the US do facilitate adding cash to your Cash App Card. Just find a CVS store near you, head to the cashier and provide your account details along with the cash amount. The cashier will quickly add money to your Card and deduct some service fee.

Can you put money on a Cash App Card at an ATM?

put money on a Cash App Card

If you have an ATM nearby, you can definitely recharge your Card at the ATM. The advantage of this is that even if you are outside the US, you can locate an ATM anywhere online through the “near me” guide and reload your Cash Card with money quickly.

All you got to do is head to an ATM and load your Cash App account. The transaction charges may vary from ATM to ATM as per the different bank policies, but this comes in handy when you are outside the US and don’t have a departmental partner store around you.

Can I refill my Cash App Card at Family Dollar?

Yes, you can put money in your Card at a Family Dollar Store. The process of money transfer remains the same at most stores. Family Dollar is another popular variety store chain in the US available at a wide variety of locations.

What stores load Cash App Cards?

You can load your Cash Cards at stores like Walmart, Walgreens, Dollar General, family dollar, and CVS. These stores accept payments via Card and also help to load cash into them quickly.

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