Lit Lot app which country? Owner Details & free Install

Last updated on February 18th, 2022 at 10:24 am

Lit Lot which country app: Are you really sad hearing about the latest TikTok ban? Are you feeling morose just because you can no longer make your own creative videos?

Well then think no longer because now you have the Litlot App to the rescue. We Indians do not have to rely on Chinese applications any longer while an Indian application is waiting for us.

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Today’s discussion is going to encompass the Lit lot app downloads and the details of the features.

Cheer up and get going, buddy!

Lit Lot App Details

App NameLitLot
Made In CountryIndia
Total Downloads10,0000+
Ratings4.8 stars
Size34 MB
GenreEntertainment App
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The Lit Lot app owner has been brilliant in its outlook to create something that belongs to this country (India). Since its recent launch, there have been about 25300 downloads, and have been able to get immense positive ratings.

The best part, you ask? Well, it is compatible with every device indifferent to whether it is Android or iOS.

It is easy to install and download Litlot, and one can get all the exclusive features entirely for free.

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Many people have been asking about the similarities of Litlot, which the banned application, and whether Lit Lot app is Indian.

Well, it is entirely of Indian origin, as you can check out in the app information. 

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Lit Lot Amazing Features

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If you have been craving to make short videos, this is the perfect platform to start with. Even if you are new to the dimension, you should not have any problems with shooting.

The easy user interface is something to look forward to, and even beginners will be able to make original videos with the help of music and an array of beauty filters.

Let’s take out what you can get in the Litlot app.

litlot which coutry app

Short term video recording now you will be able to record small videos within a range of 15 to 60 seconds with the help of front and rear cameras. Gone are the days when you had to waste hours for a simple shoot. 

Beauty filters who doesn’t like to look flawless on camera? Let the application do the magic for you. 

Effect starting from slow motion to glare, you just have to name the effect you want and get it. 

Speed adjustment- want to speed or slow down the recording pace? Now you can do it with a single click. 

Timer- with this feature, the application will be ready to shoot whenever you are ready.

Music- there are millions of music to choose from, and you can even create your own.

Draw- Make a fun video of drawing simple items with hand gestures and flaunt it before your friends!

Save- what good is a video if you can’t save and share? Showcase your talent and get amazing likes and comments.


Lit lot app belongs to which country?

The Litlot app is an Indian app. Recently launched and released by Indian owners after the government banned Chinese apps in India.

Who is the Litlot app owner?

The Litlot owner is Indian and his name is not yet revealed but the app is made in India.

Litlot app made by which country?

It is made by Indian country. It is an alternative to the Tiktok Chinese app that the Indian government had banned in India.

Litlot app download & Install

The Litlot application was prevalent before, but the launch date was approximate 30th June, and since then, it has been able to get a lot of appreciation.

Now you no longer have to cry over the Tik Tok ban as you have an even better solution now. In the upgraded version, you will be able to get some more filters to look forward to. Let the video creator inside you unleash with full gusto!

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