How to use Linktree app Instagram? (Quick Guide)

What is the Linktree app?

The Linktree app is a one-point solution who struggle to showcase their portfolio reliably. It helps to create an easily customizable page that can accommodate all your important handles including your social profiles, your blogs, and your websites all under one roof.

Next time you have uploaded your Linktree, you can simply add to your social profile and then keep updating the Linktree and you’ll never have to change your public profile again.

The Linktree app offers a free version and a paid version. The free version includes basic profile theme customization, color, and style of buttons, access to social icons, and features including the Leap links.

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How to Linktree app download on Android & iOS?

The Linktree app can be downloaded from third-party app stores for your Android and iOS devices.

The app can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices by simply logging into any of the standard third-party app stores. When the download is complete, you’ll have to verify it by downloading some more apps to your system.

Once the human verification is complete, you can easily run and install the app on your device.

For downloading apps from Google Playstore, you will have to check the Menu settings and from the security tab, you’ll have to try to slide the slider switch to ensure your device can allow and facilitate the downloading of the app apk from unknown sources.

For downloading apps from the Apple AppStore, you will have to trust the app from your General Settings.

How to use the Linktree app Instagram?

To use Linktree, open it and then sign up with a free option.

– You can either use the email ID or you can use the Instagram profile handle to sign up.

– Once you’re in selecting a plan, the paid plan is available for $6 per month.

– Choose your plan and then your email ID verification link will be sent to you on your email.

– Open your email and then verify your email ID.

– Click to add your very first link, give it a name and then add the next link by clicking on the add new link tab.

– Keep adding all the links and then further if you wish to customize the Linktree page, you can change and transform it by performing a few edits. These edits can alter the appearance of your Linktree settings.

– Tweak the Linktree page and then copy the link to paste it into your Instagram’s website profile section.

How to add Linktree to TikTok bio?

To copy the Linktree URL to your TikTok bio, you must follow the below steps.

– Grab your Linktree URL from the share button section.

– Sign to your TikTok and click on the Edit Profile option.

– If your TikTok profile has a place for a bio link you will be able to see a space for the website field among other fields.

– If you don’t have a website field then you might have to turn your Linktree account into a business account.

– Go and add your Linktree link to TikTok’s website link.

App Features?

Several app features are critical for the app’s wellbeing. These include,

– Analytics that bring up your clicks and views to your posts.

– Availability of leap links which will establish one link for your visitors and will send all of them to just one place.

– With it, you can add an email signup space whereby your visitors can easily sign up in the given space.

– Using the priority link features, you can enable drawing your audience’s attention to one or a few of the links you have used in your Linktree.

– Customizing fonts and removal of Linktree logos can be easily done using the app.

– Customization tools for transforming the look of your app, pixel integration, and enabling scheduled links can also be tried easily.

Is the Linktree app safe?

The Linktree app is safe to use and there is never an issue in using it. It can serve as your biodata or portfolio reserve. The app has never posed a safety issue of any kind that could not be explained by the company.

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