Lilly cares Foundation application, check Eligibility, Status

Eli Lilly, the parent company, runs a Lilly Foundation patient assistance program (PAP) for patients impacted by COVID-19. The program enrolls eligible patients, providing them with Lilly medications and life-saving drugs, thereby tremendously reducing their medicine bill burden.

Patients who have Medicare Part D or no health insurance schemes can enroll in the program.

How to apply for Lilly cares Foundation application?

Lilly cares application

Visit the given website and fill in the application in the given way. Fill the online application in this way.

  1. Click on the patient option or the Healthcare provider option.
  2. The patient’s application can either be filled by the patient or by a designee.
  3. Add the patient’s date of birth, name, mobile number, email address, and mailing address.
  4. Add your medication information from the Group 1, 2, 3, and oncology medication segments.
  5. Include your healthcare provider information and insurance information.
  6. Attach the necessary documents, including your prescription and all the documents mentioned in the following section.
  7. Next, add all other pertinent information before saving the form. Your healthcare provider can also fill the application, and for that, he must click on the Healthcare provider link.

What are the application requirements?

Application requirements include qualifying all the points given below.

  1. Your physician must prescribe you an Eli Lily drug.
  2. If you don’t fall under the Medicare Part D section and have spent $1100 in this annual year towards medical bills.
  3. You are not enrolled in Medicare Part D neither eligible for veteran administrative benefits.
  4. Your doctor prescribed Lilly Group A or B drugs and held no Medicare part D or insurance.
  5. You can apply with a Humatrope no funding letter stating you have no other way of paying for your Humatrope therapy.

Who is Eligible?

To be eligible, you must fulfill the below criteria.

  1. You must be a permanent or a legal resident of the United States.
  2. Eli Lilly medicines must be prescribed to you by your physician.
  3. Your doctor must be ready to fill in the recommendation section for you.
  4. You must meet the low-income group guidelines.

How to Check Lilly Cares Application Status?

There seems to be no provision to check the application status. However, after reviewing your application, you will be notified via mail or text about the decision.

What is the application deadline?

There is no last date of application as per the company, and people can always apply before their next refill whenever the situation arises.


  1. Patients undergoing cancer and humatrope drug therapies can easily apply.
  2. The three different groups of medicines help a patient suffering from innumerable diseases.
  3. People can get medication for 12 months, and if they need more support, they can apply again.
  4. The medicines are shipped for free and even the application process bears no cost on the applicants.


Eli Lilly is one of the premier pharmaceutical companies of the world involved in manufacturing several life-saving drugs. The pandemic has made purchasing drugs difficult for some, so this support can help save many lives.

Read more about the online process here. Most people opt for the online method since it is a contactless way to subscribe to your medicines. Many immunocompromised patients will benefit from using the online process.

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