How to get a Lidl loyalty card in the U.K./loyalty scheme?

The Lidl Plus app is an exceptionally designed merely application that rewards or gives offers of your every purchase that you make in the Lidl market. You can use your rewards to claim any gift from the Lidl store. It is fast, it is easy, it is free.

You simply need to verify your Lidl account, and Lidl itself will do the rest. Your reward points or coupons will be transferred into your Lidl account instantly.

Lidl Plus App Details

 App NameLidl Plus
Sizevaries with devices
Requires Android5.0 and up
Requires iOS11.0 or later
Rating4.2 stars
ReviewsAlmost Positive
Official Website
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How to use Lidl Plus app?

Lidl Plus app is straightforward to use generally; you just need an account.

When you register a report in the application, you can make that account your main record of every reward or coupon that you claim from Lidl.

Lidl has been working hard to make this application as fair and rewarding as it can. You purchase something from Lidl. You will get some rewards in the loyalty app.

You need to shop at a Lidl outlet to claim the prize points that you might earn from the card app. You might even get scratch cards every week for up to 20€ worth of points.

How to get a Lidl loyalty card in the U.K./loyalty scheme?

how does the lidl plus app works

A Lidl loyalty card is an excellent way of earning points if you visit Lidl regularly. Almost every purchase that you make comes with a certain number of issues.

You can get more points with Lidl loyalty cards. You can get Lidl loyalty cards in every Lidl outlet. You can win them in purchases and claim the prizes in the loyalty app.

This loyalty app then associates the card app claimed points to the account. The account will then have the balance that you earned with the loyalty card.

The Lidl plus app allows you to manage the balance in your account with ease.

Lidl App not working solution

Solution 1:- Sometimes the Lidl Plus app may not work accordingly. This happens due to an overload of space or cache. Remember to clear the cache and cookies regularly from the application settings. If you have not done it, do it now. The lack of space may cause other issues.

Solution 2:- When you get warning notifications regarding opening, you should uninstall applications that you might not require, or you can also delete files that have become obsolete to you. You should not keep obsolete files and unneeded applications because they hog space and memory.

How to download Lidl plus app in android and iOS devices

Every android phone comes with a dedicated application store. The name is the play store.

Step1:- You can find the play store on your device and search the name ‘Lidl Plus’.

Step2:- When the results show up, the official Lidl Plus application should be at the top.

Step3:- Click on the install button to install the application into your phone.

Step4:- When you open the application, you just need to register an account into the app, and you’re good to go.

The same goes for IOS devices as well. You can check out the dedicated app store of the iPhone.

How does the app work?

lidl plus loyalty card scheme

The application works in a very simple manner.

  • The application scans the card that you claim and then takes in the amount of balance that you won from the card.
  • The credit is then processed to points and then are assigned to your account.
  • The more cards you claim; the more points you earn.
  • When you have enough points, you can easily claim those points from the Lidl plus app in the Lidl store and get yourself something very nice for free.

The app is simple to use and works simply as well, so there is nothing to worry about.

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