How to Check LIC Policy Status without Registration Online?

What is lic policy status app?

Checking policies had never been easier as it is now with the online LIC policy status app around us. The app is quite a new addition and is built by the Life Insurance agency. With this app in place, one can not only view the policy status easily but can also perform other tasks. All you need is your policy number, date of birth, premium amount, and email ID.

How to check status of lic policy online?

What is lic policy status app

For this, you would have to log in to your LIC online login.

  • New customers must do an online registration on the website. Registered customers can add their log-in details and get going.
  • For the registration process, you will need all the above-mentioned details like policy number, birth date, premium amount, and your e-mail ID.
  • Once signed in, you will see all your enrolled policies.
  • Choose one of these policies whose details you wish to view.
  • The policy status would come up in no time.

How to check lic policy status in app?

To login to the online LIC policy status app, you could either use your online login credentials or you could create a new account.

  • Once in the online LIC policy status app, you can see the policy tool.
  • The tool would allow you to view all the enrolled policies.
  • Next it will ask you to incorporate your policy number.
  • Once they display the same policy number for you, click on it for details.
  • The person can know about loan, policies, revival, premium calendar, maturity calendar.

How to check my LIC policy without registration?

Without registration, one cannot check the LIC policies through the app or even online. But, there is a way by which one can do so.

  • Send an SMS to 56767877 with ASKLIC and your policy number.
  • LIC call center number +91 022 6827 6827 can be contacted in this regard.

How to download lic policy status app?

To download the online LIC policy status app, you can venture to the Google Playstore.

The app can be easily downloaded from the Playstore by clicking on the Install app tab.

Is lic policy status app available?

Yes, the LIC policy status check app is available for download from Google Playstore.

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