How to use Lexington law app & get Lexington law firm application

The Lexington law app is meant for those who wish to amend their poor credit scores. The app brings up a lot of tools that can help you understand your credit scores. With it, you can also improve your scores. Not only that, the app protects your scores as well.

Your credit scores are pulled from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion and not just from any credit bureau. Some of the functionalities handled by the app include communicating on your behalf with your creditors and solving disputes with credit bureaus.

How to use Lexington law app & GET Lexington law firm application?

How to Get Lexington law firm application?

Once you have downloaded the Lexington app, you need to register with the app.

  • Fill in the short application form- name, email, phone number, street address and ZIP code.
  • To receive 50% compensation, you can also sign up your family with you.
  • Fill in your request for registering yourself with the law firm to improve and work on your credit scores better.

App Features

The Lexington law app has several features, which include the following.

  • The app gives you access to several widgets to classify your credits and quantify your scores better.
  • The login process can be arranged biometrically.
  • FICO (Fair, Isaac, and Company) score tracking is done in a better way.
  • Using your life experiences for challenging your negative credit scores is the way the Lexington app would work for you.

How to USE Lexington Law App?

Using your Lexington law app is not a tough job. All you need is an account with their app. 

  • Once inside the app, you will need to browse through your credit scores.
  • FICO scores would be displayed only with premium account holders.
  • Find out your bad credit scores and request fixing them up by tapping on the credit repair services.
  • ReportWatch is a service with which you can set up credit monitoring alerts. TransUnion credit report changes are monitored, and advice and intimation are generated based on the scores.
  •  Negative items are accessed based on the lifestyle changes. Contact them to view your negative credit scores in the right attitude as they fight for them for you.

How to cancel Lexington law on app?  

The process of canceling your Lexington law account can be pursued in two ways.

  1. Cancel Lexington law online
  • From the contact us page of Lexington law, begin a chat with a bot.
  • Ask them to cancel your subscription if you do not wish to continue with the membership.
  1. Cancel your account on phone
  • Dial 800-341-8441 and get in touch with a customer representative.
  • Tell them your name, address, phone number, social security number, and email address to cancel your membership.


Here’s a bit about the Lexington law app. If your credit scores are dwindling and you don’t have the right ways to deal with them, use the Lexington law app to manage, and improve them the right way.

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