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Last updated on February 23rd, 2021 at 04:44 pm

The Learnytic application is the new invention by the mobile app developers founded to help teachers and students collaborate with each other and continue the process of learning amidst the pandemic situation. Several learning applications have been invented down the line, but this app marks a special position for every teacher as well as the student. The Learnytic app is the best study app to download for students as it is the highest equipped application for a majority of schools across the globe.

With this application an extensive learning environment is created for teachers and students, allowing teachers to connect effortlessly to every student and creating an effective and interactive learning environment for everyone taking part. The app is currently famous in Jharkhand and UP states. Teachers and students can log in to their accounts following the app options. 

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Learnytic App Features

The latest application for students offers both students and teachers with the following features:

  • Supports the technological engine that recommends effective and informative content making it easier for teachers to explain and students to learn.[su_spacer]
  • An authoring tool that allows convenient conduction of tests, assessments, and assignments.[su_spacer]
  • Students can manage the completion of homework at their own space and pace with the Learnytic application.[su_spacer]
  • The learnytic app also allows teachers to create question papers from the in-built question bank where assessments can be easily published and questions can be supplied to students.

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App Details

App NameLearnytic App
Size24 MB
Ratings4.2 stars
Android Version Required5.0 and later

Covid-19 pandemic situation has made people realize that work and education can also be practiced from house and they need not be necessarily present in workplaces and schools respectively. When there is a will there is a way- this is exactly what covid-19 has taught the world.

The children and their parents now, do not need to worry about the completion of their syllabus as there are a number of applications available over the Internet to guide the students with the same intensity and care.

Remote learning has now become a part of every student’s life, allowing them to get an education without having to attend classes and also making it faster progress for them. Besides, the use of online applications is making students improve their hands-on using technologies, thereby creating a tech-driven generation who knows the A to Z of technology.

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With the “Learnytic application” being made available for every student and teacher, education and entertainment are combined with each other making it a better and easier room for everyone in a whole. Students can now enjoy the complete learning procedure, thereby reducing the stress for students with this laid-back process.

Therefore, the learning capabilities of students will be increased and they will more likely be able to remember every portion they will be taught while relaxing at their space.

How to Download Learnytic App?

  • To download the application in android click on the link given below


  • After you click on the link you will be directed to a page
  • After you enter the page, you will find a download button
  • Click on the download button and this will start the downloading of the application
  • After it is downloaded you can seamlessly gain access to the application on any device you want

learnytic app download android ios

Learnytic is the best app for students as it is completely free from malware and other related viruses. Learning with Learnytic helps in transforming the path from testing memorization to testing increased skills.

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