What is Laxmi Bhandar Scheme?

COVID-19 has left many families in dire states and many governments are attempting to restore normalcy in such families. Several schemes are being launched by different state governments of India to provide for families hit by COVID-19. One such scheme is launched by the West Bengal Government. The scheme is known as Laxmi Bhandar Scheme, and it aims to support the female heads of families. 

Through the Laxmi Bhandar scheme, the government of West Bengal plans to give Rs.500 every month to all those general caste families impacted by the pandemic. Under the same scheme, the scheduled caste and tribe members would receive Rs.1000 per month as compensation.

laxmi bhandar application status check online

How to laxmi bhandar application status check Online?

Visit the online Laxmi Bhandar portal.

  • Look for the application status check tab.
  • Add your mobile number and the OTP that comes to your mobile number.

You can see the status online about your application.

How to Laxmi bhandar status check with application id?

The application status for your Lakshmi Bhandar application can only be checked with the mobile number. You must enter the OTP that comes to your mobile number. Currently, there is no way to check the application status with the application ID.

official website Link

The official website where you can apply for your compensation is given here.

Scheme Benefits

The scheme benefits those families where the woman is the head of the family.

  • Almost 1.6 crore women are going to benefit from this scheme.
  • The average consumption expenditure of a household in Kolkata is around Rs. 5249. The scheme was designed keeping this consumption expenditure amount in mind.
  • Almost 10% to 20% of the consumption expenditure is expected to be covered by this scheme in place.
  • The scheme would be implemented from 1st of July 2021 and the budget allocated to the scheme is Rs.12900 crores.
  • The scheme is part of the election manifesto put forth by the Trinamool Congress government.
  • As part of the scheme, all SC/ST homes are being encouraged to apply for the scheme.

How to laxmi bhandar application form pdf download?

The Lakshmi Bhandar PDF form can be downloaded from the given link. Once you go to the page, click on the download link present near the bottom.


Regular business is hit severely in almost all parts of the country. The Indian government is trying hard to keep a balance between the lives at stake during the pandemic. Under such circumstances, several schemes aimed at the poor classes are serving as a breather in the nation. If you are in West Bengal and find yourself fit for the scheme, go through this write-up to know more about the post-application processes. 


  • I am Raj Singh and I am the author of handlewife website. I am a blogger and also a digital marketer. Contact me through the contact us page.

By Raj Singh

I am Raj Singh and I am the author of handlewife website. I am a blogger and also a digital marketer. Contact me through the contact us page.

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