How to apply for KYEOP cycle 7 application form?

What is KYEOP cycle 7 application form?

The Kenya Youth Employment & Opportunities Project (KYEOP) has benefited many youths through training and internship. Almost 26992 youths have received 40000 sh grant and 5624 are receiving grants to manage their business. Young people receiving the grants have created employments and 5% of the grants are reserved for disabled persons.

How to KYEOP portal registration online?

KYEOP cycle 7 application

The KYEOP portal registration online can be done from the main site by registering with them. The project aims at increasing the earning opportunities of the vulnerable sections falling between the age range of 18-29 years. The online process includes;

  1. Creating an account with them and then creating login credentials.
  2. Open the application form and add your demographic, educational, and professional details.
  3. Finally, add your training proofs and other essential documents.
  4. Click on the Submit button to complete the registration process.

How to apply for KYEOP cycle 7 application form Kenya today?

The KYEOP cycle 7 application forms 2021 can be obtained through newspapers and the website. You can submit the application form online and avail of the certification courses offered by them for sustainability and livelihood maintenance.

What are the Application Requirements?

Kenyan youths between 18-29 years are eligible to apply. Some of the components extend up to 35 years.

  1. Additionally, they must possess a national ID.
  2. Should not be having more than form 4 educations.
  3. Candidates must be Kenyans without a job.  

How do I log into KYEOP?

To log into KYEOP you will need to go through the below steps.

  1. Follow the URL: and login using your ARN as username and password as your ID number.
  2. An OTP is sent to you that you must enter in the given space.
  3. Now press the self-activation tab and again add the OTP you receive on your phone.
  4. Add your name, gender, phone, and email.
  5. Add your National ID, passport photo, and bank card
  6. When you are successfully enrolled you will get an activation message.

Is KYEOP Cycle 7 open?

The application is now closed.

KYEOP cycle 7 application deadline?

The application deadline was from 7th July to 4th August 2021.


If you belong to a vulnerable section and are in terrible need of a job, you can try these courses. They make you self-sufficient and self-sustainable.

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