Kroger Job Application: How to Apply? Know requirements & Status

What is Kroger job application?

Kroger is the name of a supermarket chain in the United States. It is one of the largest chains of supermarkets in the entire United States. Kroger operates from Cincinnati, Ohio, and has malls in 2700 locations spread across 35 states of the United States.

It has been operating on a 24/7 schedule and hires employees for various customer service roles. Employees can work full-time, part-time, night/day, and even other schedules.

How to apply for Kroger Job Application?

Kroger allows hiring services directly from their stores. If you prefer filling up an application in their store, hiring kiosks are your next halt in such a scenario. Alternately you can also go online and fill out an online form to get into the hiring process.

  1. Visit the Kroger online website and open an account with them.
  2. From the available positions in their job segment, browse all and then choose your location.
  3. Select retail hourly associates position in case of doubt.
  4. Fill out essential information like name, birth date, gender, address, education, availability and experience.
  5. Once your employment application is complete, you will get directed to an online exam.
  6. The employment exam must be taken by the candidate directly from home. The questions will have four options- strongly agree, agree, disagree and strongly disagree.
  7. Once done, you can submit the application and then wait for their further processes.

What are Kroger job application requirements?

  1. One must be at least 18 years of age, even though they allow 14-year-olds.
  2. Educational qualification requirements will be specified with the job position. You must refer to those requirements before applying for a job.
  3. You must have teamwork abilities as teamwork is what is required in the store.

What is Kroger job application process?

Direct hiring is possible if you can visit the store where you have a better chance of meeting a hiring manager. Thus, filling up a job position in the store is always encouraged. Once you have submitted your application, you can give an exam where they mainly test your customer handling skills. After one or two interview rounds are completed, and if you are selected, you can start working with them in a store near your location.

How to check Kroger job application status?

You can check with the respective store where you have applied. If you made an online application and didn’t receive a call in 7 days, check your application status online.

  1. Click on check application status.
  2. Sign in to your account and add the details required to fetch your application status.
  3. Click on the Check application to get the results.

How to check Kroger job application near me?

To check a Kroger job near you, check with your nearest store’s requirements. They can guide you to your kiosk, and from there, you can find out the job roles for which you can apply.

Kroger job application


Here’s a bit about the application process at Kroger. If you think you would need a job and have a Kroger store near you, go ahead and apply for any position of your choice.


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