Kota factory web series download-Season 1 (All Episodes)

Kota Factory series is one of the most interesting web series. It is an educational based web series but still, people loved this so much. Mostly, students love it so much. A lot of people are searching for Kota factory web series season 1 download links. Here I will provide you download link along with all the details of this series.

Kota Factory

It is an online web series.  It is released by TVF’s and it is created by Sourabh Khanna. They have released the first season yet and there are total 5 episodes of this series have released.


In this series, they tried to show the struggle of the students to pass the IIT exams. Kota is the name of the place where there are so many coaching institutes. They all are working for money and do not care about the students.

All the students struggle a lot because of the high competition. When students go to these institutes and when they live in the hostel the first time. They faced a lot of difficulties like food, competing with students, waking in the morning. After watching this series, you will get to know about the pressure that students face.

Kota Factory Episode 1 (Inventory)


In this episode, the boy named “Vaibhav Pandey” who is in lead role comes to Kota with his father to take admission in the famous institute Maheshwari Classes. But, he didn’t get the admission because he arrived late and the batches are already active. So, he needed to take admission in another institute that is less capable as compared to Maheshwari Classes.


Mayur More

He is playing the role of “Vaibhav Pandey”. Mayur is in the lead role and he appears in all the episodes. He has performed very well and also got famous for his acting. He adopted his character very well.

Ranjan Raj

He is playing the role of Balmukund Meena. It is one of the funniest characters of this series. He is also seen in all the episodes and he is playing the role of Vaibhav friend. Meena is the first that Vaibhav met when he went to the PG. He helps him a lot in studies and other things too. He is a simple type of person who always loves to study.

Alam Khan

“Uday Gupta” role is played by Alam Khan and he is a very jolly type of person. He doesn’t like to study. He is also the friend of Vaibhav and he helps him in all aspect. Uday also has a girlfriend.


Episode 2 (Assembly Line )


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