How to Watch Kooku web series online with Kooku App?

Kooku app is the one that brings you the best original short films, web series. With the app in the picture, weekend binge-watching has got busier.

Unlimited and unrestricted video streaming facilities, HD quality content, easy, cheap, and flexible price range, access to original content, and the facility to watch it on mobile from anywhere in the world.

Kooku App Apk Download | How to Kooku web series online download

The content is available in local languages. The first episode is free with a free trial and coupon codes for this app are almost available everywhere for you to use.

You will have to be 18 years of age and above to use the app. The app is a promising addition to your app collection if you’re a fan of binge-watching Indian original web series and videos.

The app is already downloaded by 10 lakh viewers and audiences and it is being used for downloading and live streaming various programs. 

The app offers programs in different languages.

Kooku App founder/Owner?

Harshvardhan Joshi is the Kooku app CEO (Chief Executive Officer). The app is extremely popular and many people are downloading it every day to keep up with their favorite web series and stuff.

How to Kooku App Download?

Kooku app for Android can be downloaded easily using the Google Playstore.

From the Google Playstore, you have to simply search for the app and then click on the Install button.

How to download Kooku App on iOS?

For iOS devices, there is the Apple app store from which you will have to carry out the downloads.

Simply log in to the app using your fingerprints or the password set for it and click on the Get button.

Once you have searched for the app, install it on the device.

How to Kooku web series online download?

  • Visit the
  • Now head to Login| Register button. Click on it
  • Now click on Create Account Button.
  • Enter your Name, working mobile Number & create Password. After that click on get started button.
  • Verify your mobile number. Buy a month or yearly subscription. After that enjoy the unlimited web series online on the app.
  • You can Also download and save the web series in the app to watch it later.

Kooku app subscription Charges?

Kooku app is available at Rs.99 for a month and Rs. 198 yearly.

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Kooku app coupon?

The coupon code is to be taken at a discount of Rs.45 per month and Rs.99 yearly with a promotional coupon code in picture.

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