How to Play Knock em All Game Online Free [Get Money & Coins]?

Last updated on December 13th, 2021 at 04:22 am

What is Knock’em all game?

Jumping off from one to another while shooting down others destabilizing them in the process are some of the skills you must show towards the game.

When you become good at the game, you can chain together separate segments and cross them over in no time. Controls are intuitive, and the game is addictive to continue playing forward through different levels.


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It is a shooting game. Jump from building to building and shoot all the enemies on the roof of the building.

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Shoot the dummies and they will destabilize. Shoot till they fall down from the building. Clear your way and move forward.

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The more you will forward and clear the levels. You are going to face more tough levels.

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You are really going to love it. Most addictive android game.

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Mind-blowing graphics and game sound that you are really going to love.

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Very lightweight game and easy to play.

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How many levels in Knock’em all?

There are more than1300 levels in the game.

How to play Knock’em all game online?

For those who wish to go through the Knock’em all game playing it online, you can simply click on the link. You don’t have to register to join the Knock’em all game.

Step 1: Once the game opens up, click on the Start button to begin the game.

Step 2: Keep shooting continuously and try to get into the right position every time you need to shoot. 

Step 3: They have a 3D screen whereby you can keep scoring over obstacles. 

Step 4: The game allows you to gain more points when you surpass bigger obstacles in the process.

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How to get Knock’em all coins?

Playing Knock ‘em all for free requires getting all the coins you have to race through all levels, and in the Boss phase there is a chance of winning all three coins.

How to Install Game?


The reviews show that the game is exhilarating and people have enjoyed playing the game so far. Available in Google Playstore and Apple appstore, the game reviews show a score of 4.6 on Apple and 4.3 in Google Playstore.


The Knock’em all is a game to be played for free that requires a lot of focus and attention, and winning the coins is the toughest. The game players state that you can blind bloodbath even with your butter-covered feet in zero gravity.

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