How to USE Kaufland card app [2024-Updated]?

The Kaufland card app is that site where you can find leaflets, offers, shopping lists and even new recipes to try. Use your shopping app to locate your shopping supermarket store and also the current offers available in the store.

Save money on every purchase and take advantage of even the short window offers available with the card app. You must have the app downloaded to your device to get notifications every time there is a new sale or offer available.

How to download Kaufland card app?

Kaufland card app

The app can be downloaded from the Apple appstore for iOS devices and the Google Playstore for Android devices.

How to use Kaufland card app?

The Kaufland card app can be used only after it is downloaded and installed on your device, and then you must,

  1. Open the card app and create an account with it. If you already have an account with its browser, you can use the same login credentials even in your app.
  2. Add your telephone number, complete name and address alongwith your email address.
  3. Create the account with the OTP that you need to enter.
  4. Next, you can check their online leaflet and discover awesome recipes from the recipe section. That way you can check the use of most of the shopping details.
  5. From the offers section, you can check the current offers and also locate nearby stores through their Store section.


  1. Online leaflet
  2. Shopping list
  3. Locate nearby supermarket
  4. Discover offers from the Kaufland card app


Google Playstore and Apple appstore also give a review of 4.6. Easy to use, the app can support your orders, and also help you locate every detail about discounts and offers. It is a single stop shopping experience for people who cannot move from aisle to aisle in a shop. Find everything through this app and then go and complete the shopping from here. The app can be given a four-and-a-half-star review easily.


Here’s a bit about the app, and all you need to do is download the app, read the instructions from here to start using the app.

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