How to use JPay App? (Send & Put Money Complete Guide)

Jpay is for those individuals who have people locked up in prisons. People having family, friends, and relatives in prison can easily send emails, money, and messages without having to worry anymore.

Even photo attachments can be sent in no time with the app to those who reside in prison.

Together, you can send your email to multiple recipients, and not one.

Use jpay to send money, put money

How to download the Jpay app for Android phones?

Downloading the Jpay app is simple and easy since it is available in the Google Playstore. Simply download it to your device by pressing the Install button.

Jpay how to send money?

To send money to an inmate, one can follow the below route;

– Create a free account with

– Once you have been able to register yourself, click on the Money tab.

– Choose the inmate you wish to send the money to.

– Choose the card from which you want the deductions to be made.

– Once confirm the information. 

– If you’re not sure you can take the help of a live agent.

– The fees charged for sending money online is lesser than the amount needed to send it over the phone.

JPay How to use?

You can pay through Jpay, and make payments online or through the phone.

The process to pay is described above.

Emails work best and prisoners claim to be receiving their emails within 24-48 hours from the time they are sent.

Stamp prices are different and 6 pages of handwriting can grant subscriptions from some, whereas you need to pay for some. Look for the tab which allows you to click open the mail option from the app.

How much does JPay cost?

Jpay is free for sending money orders. Other than that, you’ll have to pay a fee for using the Jpay services. All of them are non-refundable services. Different states and facilities where prisoners are put up have different fee structures.

The availability and pricing sections are available and Jpay is not responsible for any other deductions made by the facilities like prison and restitution.

How to put money on the phone through Jpay?

  • Click on Phone time from the Navigation menu of the Jpay home page.
  • Add funds to the Phone account box and then click on the tab which asks you to buy Phone Time.
  • Choose the offender you wish to fund and your payment method. You could either use a new credit card or bill information for the new card.
  • Enter the amount you wish to send and then click on the continue tab.
  • Choose the Payment verification box and then ensure the information is correct to send it and then click on the submit button.

Does Jpay accept cash apps?

Jpay accepts Cash app cards like any other debit or credit card. The Jpay cards are accepting credit and debit cards and since the cash app card acts like a debit card, they would accept it too.

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