Joe Budden Podcast Cash App deal (Know more About this)

Joe Budden Podcast has lost the Cash app ad deal after charges of sexual assault are running a rampant show in the market.

Earlier the previous week Joe Budden Podcast was charged by one of his former female employee Olivia Dope with sexual assault. So, the Cash app logo was removed and the regular ad read was not done during the podcast.

He had recently turned down lucrative deals with Spotify and Tidal to run his own Podcast and the Cash app was the first big deal for him.

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Joe Budden podcast cash app deal

Joe Budden Cash App deal

Joe Budden’s podcast claiming to have lost the Podcast Cash app deal. Amid speculations as the Cash app logo was seen missing from his show and also since he did not read the regular advertisements the podcast cash app deal seems to have brought to an end. 

The ad is usually read before the start of the show and it was a good show until and unless the sexual harassment charges are pitted against him by his former employee.

Cash app drops Joe Budden

Soon after the charges were thrust upon him, Cash app seems to have come forward to drop their ad contract with him. The show was running successfully for quite some time now. It was slowly gaining pace and the Cash app was the first big fat deal he signed in, but then now after the charges have been levied on him, his podcast can really face trouble due to it. After retiring from rap in 2018, he went on to become a broadcaster and found success in it.

After the sexual harassment, Joe Budden seems to have apologized to his podcast host, Olivia Dope.

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