How to Jagananna Smart Town Application Form Pdf Download?

Generally, lawsuits have to be filed often concerning such plots of lands being sold unlawfully and the buyer often suffers from heavy monetary losses.

What is the Jagananna smart town scheme application form?

Jagananna smart city application online

The Jagananna smart town scheme details are developed to facilitate middle-income group residents of Andhra Pradesh with a fair amount of land which they can use to construct homes.

Under the scheme, these lands are being given to people directly to safeguard people from falling into the hands of corrupted builders selling illegal or unlawful plots of land to this segment of the population.

How to Jagananna Smart Town Application form pdf download?

Jagananna application download

Jagananna smart town application pdf can be downloaded by following the below procedure;

– Go to their online website

– You can find the download PDF form button.

– Click on it and once the PDF form is downloaded you can open it from your download folder.

– Print out the form and fill it up. You can either upload the form back or you can go to the nearest magistrate office and give it off.

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How to download Jagananna smart City application form?

To download the Jagananna smart city application form from the site, follow the below process;

– Go to their online website.

– Click on the online Jagananna smart city application form or Jagananna smart town application form pdf.

– To fill the online application form, click to open the editable form.

– Fill in all the details like your name, family member details and phone number.

– Based on their income, the land amount is being offered to the citizens.

  • People earning between 3 to 6 lakhs would get 150 yards of land.
  • Those between 6 lakhs to 12 lakhs can get a plot for 200 yards.
  • Those who earned between 12 lakhs to 18 lakhs can get a 250-yard plot.

– As per the scheme details, citizens would be offered 200 to 250 square feet of land in certain specific locations.

  • Koppolu Jaganna smart town 
  • Muktinuthalapadu YSR Jaganna Smart Town 
  • Mangamur Donka Road

– They were to construct houses located just 5 kilometres from the important social centres. 

  • The scheme applies to the citizens of Andhra Pradesh alone. 
  • Only middle-class income group can apply for the scheme.

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