Is Venmo available in Canada? Send Money From Canada to US

Is Venmo available in Canada?

Venmo is a free-to-use app that does not charge any monthly or annual fee. The Venmo account is directly connected to the bank account of the user or their credit card and users can add funds to the Venmo account directly.

Venmo P2P payments app and digital wallet are unfortunately not available in Canada but only in the US. Signing up in Venmo requires people to use their phone numbers. Currently, only U.S. phone numbers are permitted.

To use Venmo, it is also essential to be located in the U.S. This applies to both the sender and the receiver. Hence it is not possible to send money to someone in Canada.

Is Venmo available in Canada? Send Money From Canada to the US

How to send money from Canada to US using Venmo?

You cannot use Venmo to send money from Canada to the US because people have to be physically located in the US and should have their numbers registered in the US (both sender and receiver) in order to be able to use Venmo. Thereby, you can try some different alternatives like the following;

Wise–Wise is a simple app that lets people send money from Canada to the US or across other international locations. It lets you transfer funds via your bank account, debit card, and credit card.

PayPal – PayPal lets you send money to friends and family just with their email or phone number in Canada.

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How to get Venmo in Canada?

You can’t get Venmo in Canada and there is no possibility that Venmo will be permitted in Canada for regular use. The two primary reasons are:

  • Canada utilizes the Interac e-Transfer service method, according to which, individuals are allowed to transfer funds to each other either free of cost or with a small fee. The Interac Association controls the payment transfer space and it is backed by renowned banks of Canada such as RBC, Scotia, and TD since 1984.
  • Another likely reason of why Venmo is not going to come to Canada ever is that Canadian banking policies and regulations are stricter for companies like Venmo to step into the local payments transfer space.

Does Venmo exist in Canada?

No, Venmo does not exist in Canada. Venmo only operates within the U.S. at present and to be able to use Venmo, you need to be physically located in the U.S. and should be at least 18 years and above. Also, you must have a mobile number registered in the U.S.

Is Cash App available in Canada?

No, Square’s Cash App is not available in Canada. Cash App currently only works in the US and UK but not internationally. 

How can I use Cash App in Canada?

Cash App by Square does not work in Canada unfortunately. This means that you cannot make payments to Canada or from Canada using Cash App. Thus, you can use Cash App only within the Us and the UK to send and receive money. 

Cash App can only be used by individuals physically residing in the US and the UK who are 18 years and above. It is also essential to have the sender’s and the receiver’s phone numbers registered in the US and the UK. Otherwise, you should at least have a $Cashtag of US.

How can I download the Cash App in Canada?

You can’t download the Cash App smartphone application in Canada. This is because the app does not work anywhere outside the US & the UK and cannot be used to send money overseas or receive money from international locations.

Why can’t I get Cash App in Canada?

Cash App has many benefits it does not charge a fee for registration or holding an account, doesn’t have any monthly or annual maintenance fees, is free for making online payments, and lets people make ATM withdrawals with the Cash App VISA debit card. Additionally, it lets people send money via bank account and debit card.

But Cash App is not available for use to Canadians and this is primarily because of the following two reasons:

  • Canada relies on the Interac e-Transfer service for transferring funds to other people’s bank accounts either for free or for a small charge depending upon the partner bank. Interac-e-transfers are a convenient way of transferring money just using an email or phone number and letting individuals directly deposit money to the recipient’s account. The US, on the other hand, uses the P2P payments system. 
  • The Interac Association is in effect since 1984 and controls the Canadian payments & money transfer space. It is backed by major banking and financial institutions in Canada.
  • Also, Canadian banking policies and regulations are quite strict which poses a challenge for P2P payment transfer apps to enter the Canadian payment transfer zone.

What payment apps work in Canada?

You can use the following payment apps in Canada to send money within or outside Canada.

  • PayPal – You can send money to anyone from the bank account or PayPal balance.
  • MoneyGram – You can transact money online or credit the money to the recipient’s bank account.
  • Wealthsimple Cash – This is Canada’s Cash App equivalent which is the best app to send money anywhere in Canada. The app doesn’t impose any fee on the users.
  • Wise – Formerly known as TransferWise, this is another best application if you want to receive money in Canada to or from overseas locations. Wise is regulated by FINTRAC and caters to more than 10 million happy customers.

Cash App available in countries

At the time of writing this post, Cash App only operates in the US and the UK. The international transfer capability of the Cash App only includes USD-GBP and vice versa.

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