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iPhoneCake App 2021: Good news to all apple users who are tired of paying extra charges to download tweaked apps and games. Now, with Appcake repo, you do not have to look at your bank balance before clicking on your favorite games and applications. With app cake, it is completely free and safe.

What is www.iphonecake.com?

iphonecake 2020, 2021 is the alternative application store extensively created by leaders to enable users to install IPA files of games and apps without having to pay a single penny.

iPhoneCake download for ios 13 14

The database of Appcake is packed with a library of applications. The app and game content of this app store is completely free from the ad. One can easily install the apps of his choice through the enterprise developer’s profile.

Features of Appcake

The iPhonecake.com is also amazing news for those who were tired of jailbreaking.

You can conveniently download the Appcake app supported on the iOS 13, 14 version and download or install your favorite apps without jailbreaking.

All you need to do is download an additional Cydia tweak, named AppSync Unified. This will give you the opportunity to download artificially signed IPA packages on your device.

Moreover, the user interface of this app is very convenient and you can use torrent to download videos on a faster rate with this version of the Appcake app.

How to download iPhonecake in iOS 14, 13?

The updated version of Appcake supports iOS 13. You can download and install the app in your iOS 13 device by following the given guidelines:

  1. Open Safari browser in your device
  2. Install Appcake by copying and pasting this www.iphonecake.com/app/ on safari browser.
    iphonecake app ios

How to install iphonecake app?

  1. Allow your device to install the app by tapping on ‘Install
  2. Search for the app in your Home Screen
  3. Before you use the app, you have to trust the Appcake source
  4. To trust the app, go to settings and navigate to device and Profiles Management
  5. Select the Appcake Enterprise profile
  6. Tap on ‘Trust’ to trust the source

To use the app in the iOS 14 version, you need to download the Cydia app and then add the Appcake app from Cydia.

Guide to add Appcake:

  1. Open your phone browser and type silzee.com/Checkm8/ to install Cydia.
  2. Open Cydia
  3. Tap the ‘Edit’ and ‘Add’ button
  4. Enter the given URL- cydia.iphonecake.com
  5. Tap ‘add source‘ to add Appcake from Cydia

Install or adding the iphonecake repo for iOS devices is quite easy. You just need to follow the above guide to download Repository.

How to use iPhonecake app?

appcake app download

To use the app, follow up:

  1. Launch the application on your home screen
  2. Open safari browser
  3. Download the IPA file of your choice from the browser
  4. Copy the link and send it to the Appcake app
  5. Search for the link in the downloads and click to sign up

How to Download Iphonecake Ipa, Spotify, Snapchat?

Appcake allows you to install various other apps in your device. This part of the context will help you with the downloading procedure. Follow up-to know:

  • Enable the ‘Automatically Install’ from Appstore settings (go to settings and switch the slider to ‘On’ position)
  • Search for your favorite app from the app store
  • Tap on the install button
  • Appcake will automatically download and install the app
  • After it is downloaded, you can find it in the home screen of your device

Is iphonecake.com safe?

One can completely rely on the Appcake app. It is safe to use and free from malware and virus. The monitor is updated regularly and you do not even require your Apple ID to do so. It is easy to install and does not affect your device.

Appcake Alternatives


Download the one-stop source app to get games and applications of your choice. Although the app is not available for the android version still, it supports most of the iOS versions including 13 and 14. Follow the downloading steps provided in the context and download the app today itself.

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