How to use invigilator app? How does invigilator application work?

The invigilator app is an online examination risk mitigation app. With the help of the app, examiners can choose from a wide variety of tools used for photo authentication and speech recognition. Using artificial intelligence, the app can help authenticate photos sent by students.

Recordings can be marked, verification codes generated by using the app. Integration of everything into the Learning Management System (LMS) is possible using the app.

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How to invigilator app Download?

The invigilator app latest version can be downloaded using the official appstores.

For Android

Use Google Playstore to download the invigilator application into Android phones.

For iOS

The app is available in the Apple appstore and can be downloaded from there for all iOS devices.

How does invigilator app work?

The invigilator app online uses Artificial intelligence to operate. 

  • After downloading, click on Register as a student icon and then hit the sign up tab. For registration use your University email address.
  • Calibration is a process using which the app can check if it is compatible with your device.
  • You need to give complete access to your camera and microphone.
  • Take your selfie and let it stay in the app.
  • Post the process you will now need to login again to start using the app.

How to use invigilator app?

Sign in to the app using your login ID and password. 

  • To test the app’s functioning take the demo test.
  • Click on the start exam tab and then start by scanning the QR code.
  • The code will either be shared by your teacher or it would be given to you along with your assessment questions.
  • Once you begin taking the exam you cannot minimize the app screen.
  • A pop-up box and a typical sound will ask you to take your selfie and photos from time to time.
  • Take a photo of each of the exam pages within the five minute window.
  • Once you’re done click on the Finish tab.
  • Confirm the uploaded photos once you have completed the process within the app.
  • After taking the Demo session, you can confidently take your exam.

How to cheat the invigilator app?

Cheating while using the invigilator app online is difficult since the app closely monitors every movement. But then using another device to locate the answers or using someone else’s help are the two easiest quick fixes children try to apply while using it.

App Features

  • Facial recognition through the use of artificial intelligence is possible using the app.
  • Recording audio using the student’s mic is easily possible.
  • Photo requests can be requested by the teacher invigilating the students.


The invigilator application is one of the most efficient apps in the market to keep a tab on students while they appear for their exams. But before you think of using it, try to go through the important points discussed above.


Does the invigilator app record?

Yes, the invigilator app online records everything while the student sits for the examination.

Does the invigilator app record sound?

Yes, it can record background noise since you have to permit your mic to locate sounds.

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