Corona Watch App for Android, iOS-How does it Work?

Last updated on February 26th, 2022 at 11:38 am

Corona Watch App- The spread of the Novel Coronavirus has brought a pandemic and still no medicine for it has developed by any country worldwide. As cases of Covid-19 positive patients are increasing at an emerging rate throughout the globe, many efforts are going on worldwide to fight this pandemic.

Stop The Spread of COVID-19 Virus Download Corona Watch Smartphone App

Covid 19 Watch App

Out of various efforts, one is to a mobile application developed by our country’s government to make the nation more sensitive to their surroundings and trace the dissemination of the disease.

These applications work on the contract tracing model, which does work of listening to people who physically came in contact with each other before testing positive for Covid-19. This technology is faster and more accurate as it uses Bluetooth technology.

What is Corona Watch Smartphone App?

On behalf of the large spread of the virus across the country university of Arizona has also developed the corona watch app for the safety of their student when they return to campus.

This app will alert you if you have been exposed to Covid-19. Developed by the University of Arizona and non–profit organization COVID Watch with a promise to make students aware if they come in contact with any Covid-19 patient.

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How Does The Corona Watch App work?

It works with a basic in-built Bluetooth device that every Smartphone has. Bluetooth can also be used to communicate wirelessly. When the phones of two different users note each other with Bluetooth signals, then the app registers them securely as random numbers.

Later if any of the app users are tested positive for Covid-19, then they can upload or register the status of being found as Covid-19 positive on this app. A notification regarding this will be sent to all the registered users who are within the required proximity of the social distancing.

If you cross near the registered person over the app who is diagnosed as positive, then the app will send you a notification and will recommend you further processor to follow for your safety like getting diagnosed for Covid-19.

This application is the best source to stop the spread of COVID-19. All features are designed in a way to send alerts to the users that might be exposed to Covid-19.

Requirements for COVID 19 Watch App

This corona watch app supports iOS and Google Android smartphones. It will not run without the Google Play service on any android platform phones. Operating system version iOS 13.5 and above Android 6 is required to run the app smoothly. An active internet connection, Bluetooth, Minimum 10MB memory space, Camera to scan QR is needed to use this app.

Bluetooth has to be kept on every time to check the status of the registered users when a person crosses. At this time, you can download and install this free Corona Watch app on a registered Google play store and App Store for iOS platform users.

Though others app collects personal information like location and contact information, It doesn’t collect private data or any personal information from users’ Smartphone. 

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