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Last updated on November 19th, 2020 at 03:56 pm

Imposter Among Us is an online game that is played by eight out of ten people all over the world. Yes, it is a game people are that crazy about. The Imposter app is all about several crewmates playing in the form of a team- a game about teamwork and betrayal. You and your friends can play this game over WI-FI or using mobile data. 

features of Among Us online Game

imposter app amoung us online

  • app allows us to play with our local friends as well as with friends from across the world. This game can be played in two modes- private and public. In the private mode you can only add people who you want to play with and in the public mode you can enter into or allow people to come inside your lobby from anywhere in the world. So, it is a good game to enjoy with your friends and you can even make new friends from abroad.
  • In the current version of the game, among us game online provides its players with three types of maps. There are already a lot of people complaining that the game is killing the fall guy. In that case, adding another map in the game will not have any negative impact. This will also allow people to thrive more in the game, thereby increasing the play time of the game. So, adding a new map is the innovative feature of this game.
  • Recently the creators of the game is talking about new skins to Among Us. Adding collaborations has always done good to the game publishing companies. Marvel also collaborated with Fortnite and the results were amazing. So, adding a new set of skins would look and seem good.
  • A single mode of the game is enough to disappoint its players. So, the new version of Among Us game brought the Hide and Seek mode, which is honestly a very fun concept. In this mode, only one imposter is revealed in the beginning and the crewmates do not get the chance of voting in this part. The Imposter is also not allowed to sabotage in this part. This shows how well the crewmates can hide themselves. 

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Imposter app Among Us download

In this part, I will be stating the ways you can download the game from Google’s Play Store. The among us download steps are as follows:

  • Open your device
  • Go to Google’s play store
  • Type Among Us in the search engine
  • Once you get the game, click on it
  • Click on the install button
  • Once the game is downloaded and installed, search for the app in your device
  • Enjoy the game

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