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Last updated on November 23rd, 2021 at 06:32 am

What is impfterminradar bw online?

Impfterminradar application, also known as Vaccination Terminradar is a free service in Germany that assists citizens with the information on the availability of appointment placement codes for receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. People can check the vaccination dates collectively for all vaccination centres across Germany on this portal. They can also book appointments with this app. 

The Vaccination Terminist provides accurate information regarding availability of vaccines to the Germany citizens. It doesn’t utilize the official interface of the but rather pulls data from the portal of the German Medical Association (KBV).

What is impfterminradar app use

impfterminradar baden württemberg & karlsruhe

Below is the elaborated way in which people can use this app:

  • As soon as one visits the Impfterminradar baden site, they will be presented with a tabular view of the vaccination centres located all across Germany in the homepage.
  • There is also a search bar atop the tabular view which facilitates searching for vaccination centres with the name of the vaccination centre, area or city name and even with zip code.
  • The tabular view is split into three columns according to the availability of three vaccine brands approved by Germany and they are BioNTech, Moderna, and AstraZeneca.
  • Under each column, users can further see red, green, and grey dots. The colour-coded display is to indicate the availability or absence of the aforementioned vaccines at a particular centre. If users hover the cursor above the dots then it shows the last updated time & date.
  • Red Colour – Vaccine unavailable.
  • Green Colour – Available.
  • Gray Colour – No recent update is available. 

How to impfterminradar app download?

The impfterminradar is a web-based portal which can be directly accessed via a web browser on PC or smartphone.


Distinctive features of this app are:

  • Provides an overview of all the vaccination centres.
  • Offers a search bar to find vaccination centres city-wise or by zip codes.
  • Free of cost service.
  • Helps book vaccination appointments quickly.
  • Enabled with a colour-coded view.
  • User-friendly with a clean interface.

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