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What is igamegod jailbreak?

iGameGod repo is the new iOS cheat engine that can be used to play tweaked games on both iOS and Android. It has more features added to it like speed manager, touch recorder, offset injections and so on. All of the games you would want to explore using iGameGod jailbreak would have their descriptions and details where everything about the game would be explained in great details.

It supports and works on all the iOS versions. 

Additionally, the engine provides overlays to prevent swapping back and forth.

It can switch between light and dark mode and by pressing on the long-press button, you can quickly peep into what’s happening.

igamegod repo download app apk ios

How to install and download igamegod Repo on iOS?

For installation and the latest version iGameGod download, you need to follow the below steps;

->> Add the link to your Cydia Sileo or any of the package managers of your choice.

->> Once done click on Cydia igamegod repoiosgods.com/repo/

->> Click on the repo and it will take you to the all-packages section and from there onto the iGameGod.

->> When you click on it you are taken to change package settings. The Author details, version details, and also the filesystem content can be easily found from it.

Here you can find the scores, edit the scores, get money and gems, and more of your favourite games.

How to use igamegod Repo?

After installing simply open the app and then enable it on the apps on which you’d like to see the iGameGod iOS overlay. 

Once you open the app, you can find a slider beside the mentioned games. Click the slider on and then simply open the game to experience the overlay of the iGameGod hack.


>> Igamegod apk is a free application.

>> Now additional features like the memory/cheat engine can be used to search for game values and would also be used to modify the games.

>> To adjust the speed hack manager, you must use the speed hack manager.

>> With Touch Recorder and Auto Touch, you can simply record and do some playback touches.

>> To patch offsets as you proceed through the game, you can choose a live offset patcher.


It is an app that is undergoing many changes and keeping a track of all the version updates and knowing what’s new with the app can be a challenge.

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