ICA UAE Smart App: How to Register or Update Mobile Number?

What is ICA UAE Smart App?

The application allows locals, citizens, and visitors of the UAE to avail the of identity and citizenship services. It would include visa applications, fine payments, passport renewals, and family book printing.

In addition to all the benefits, you could also check the residence and entry permit status plus travel status reports.

ica uae smart app

How to use ICA app?

As soon as you register with the ICA UAE app you will be able to see 3 different service sections on your app.

  1. Emirates ID
  2. Residency
  3. Transaction

You also have a section to accommodate your favorite services, tracking applications you have applied for, raising requests, and handling transactions.

You can also search for other types of services which includes;

  1. Smart Services
  2. Visa Services and
  3. Fines

How to REGISTER on the ICA app?

To register with the ICA app, this is what you must do.

  • Begin the registration process by entering your email ID.
  • Verify you’re not a robot.
  • Next, choose the way you wish to verify your Emeritus ID.
  • If you have chosen the phone verification process, you will get a one-time password for your number. Enter it in the given space and then click on the button termed Next. After completing these steps you can enter the app and your registration process is then complete.
  • Now from the home page select the Public services option. From there move to the Personal Information section and then enter your personal information in it.
  • Enter your passport details here. Booking tickets, and applying for your different requirements is possible from here.

How to UPDATE my mobile number in the ICA app?

  • From the Smart services tab, you can Nationality, Emirates ID number, name in English and Arabic, passport number, birth date, last entry date, and email address.
  • Once you click OK on it, in the next section you’d be asked for your mobile number and valid address.
  • Enter your new mobile number here.
  • Once you save the information, you will get an OTP on your updated mobile number.
  • Enter it, and in 3-7 days, you will have your mobile number changed.

What is the last entry date in ICA app?

The last entry date is the last day when you can enter the country from any of the passport-controlled ports of entry on the visa.

  • Login to the portal,
  • Choose passport information, then Visa,
  • Enter the passport number and expiry date.
  • The page would display all the details including the last entry date in UAE.

How to download Emirates id from ICA app?

First, download the app and you can easily get your emirates id from the ICA app.

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