How to check ICA approval status to enter UAE [ICA Green or Red]

How to check ICA approval status to enter UAE

Identity and Citizenship (ICA) is a Federal scheme but those who have a valid UAE residency visa can return to the country without Federal pre-trial approval. Most people away from home for more than six months have received this information as welcome news.

  • Travelers can use a good website where all you have to do is enter your passport number, Emirates ID, passport details and will need to answer nationality-related questions.
  • You will be instantly intimated of your status with fast verification towards your entry.
  • A green signal means you can enter UAE easily.
  • Additionally, if you receive any message that permits you to enter the country then you can move ahead to book your air ticket.

How to Check ICA Approval Green Signal?

ICA approval

To check the ICA approval green signal, you will need to add your passport, Emirates ID number, and citizenship details to the website.

  • A verification message will come to you.
  • Your green signal will immediately flash on your screen.

How to get Green Signal in ICA Approval?

To check ICA approval online and to get a green signal follow the below steps.

  1. Apply through the website.
  2. Add your valid ID name, origin, passport details and destination.
  3. Include your COVID-19 reports 96 hours before departure of the flight.
  4. Try any of the COVID-19 UAE designated labs for taking the test.
  5. Post the ICA approval application, your UAE entry status verification will be done.
  6. After your application is thoroughly verified and approved, you will receive a green signal.

How do I know if my ICA is green or red?

To know if you have a green signal, follow the below steps.

  1. Move to the ICA approval link and in the given spaces; add your passport number, Emirates ID, passport type, and current nationality.
  2. Click on the Captcha that proves you are not a robot.
  3. Further, click on the Check tab and then you will see a message that confirms your Dubai entering requirements are being fulfilled. You can proceed with the travel procedures post receiving this message.
  4. The red signal pops up in a red banner.

What is the procedure for ICA Approval?

People arriving from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Uganda, and Nigeria need to fill the ICA approval.

  1. Register your arrival listed among the services. Add your name, passport details, and UAE details.
  2. Add your vaccination certificates to it.
  3. A PCR test result must be added within 2 days from the departure date.
  4. Upload your passport, and photograph, and then sign a declaration.
  5. Press the Send tab and an official notification through email will be sent to you.

Is ICA approval mandatory?

It is not applicable for UAE residence visa holders returning to Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and other places. But ICA advised travelers and ex-pats must check in for the ICA approval status.


Here’s a bit about the ICA approvals. People stranded elsewhere can get back home now as their UAE residence visa holders no longer need to get approved.


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