How to apply for Hustler fund Application (Guide 2023)?

Do you know how to determine the loan amount by credit rating? Have you ever heard about hustler funds loans? Usually, the loan amount is determined by credit ratings. The borrowers who can repay the complete loan amount on time will be able to access more loans when they need them. The William Ruto president launched the signature administration project, named hustler fund. It was launched on 30 November 2022.

The hustler fund is supposed to give required assistance to Kenyans in millions, which are not eligible to avail of credit because of being blacklisted by certain credit rating firms. During the first phase, the hustler fund offers loans ranging from at least Sh500 to at most Sh50,000 at 8% on a daily rate or pro-rated basis at 0.02 percent. The hustler fund loan will be repaid within 14 days.

The loan amount of the hustler fund will be determined through the applicant’s credit rating, and if they can repay the loan amount, they have access to more loans. There are two ways for Kenyans to access hustler funds: USSD or a mobile application from any Kenyan mobile operator. Read the entire facts of the post to get brief details about hustler funds online.

What is the Hustler fund loan app?

Hustler fund loan app?

Hustler fund loan app is a money mobile platform. The Kenya government creates this application to provide affordable loans to hustlers or low-income borrowers who need money.

If you want a dedicated space for online hustler funds, then the hustler fund loan app or mini app is here. The Safaricom developers are integrating a mini app within the M Pesa application. This application is accessible easily to M Pesa users.

You can easily pay the hustler loan through the hustler fund loan app. So, this is the best thing about the hustler fund loan app. You do not need to use a pay bill number to make payments.

What is the Hustler fund application portal?

The hustler fund application portal is open for Kenyans from 1 December 2022. There is no need to do paperwork. The approval process for hustler funds is the same format used by mobile-based and digital lenders loans.

How to access the hustler fund?

Here are some simple steps you should follow to access the hustler funds.

  1. First, you have to dial up the *254# from any mobile money network. You can freely dial up on this USSD Code. It means there is no fee or charge to dial up on this USSD code.
  2. Bear in mind that you should have a money mobile account with a reliable network to dial up on the above USSD code
  3. Now, you can use the application, M Pesa app on the Safaricom network
  4. Select the loan product for hustler funds
  5. Now, you can then see the loan allocation limits
  6. Choose an amount you need to borrow, enter the PIN of your mobile money, and confirm details to confirm the loan request.
  7. You will avail 95% of your borrower’s loan amount, and the remaining 5% goes into your savings account on which interest rates are applicable.
  8. After finishing all the above steps, you can finally get an SMS on your device with all details related to hustler funds.

This is how you can easily access hustler funds online. Follow the above steps to make the hassle-free process for accessing the hustler funds.

How to apply for a hustler fund application?

If you want to borrow a loan or hustler fund online, you should get the exact idea of how to apply for a hustler fund application. You can easily apply for a hustler fund online through USSD or a mobile app. To make your work easier, here we tell you the easy steps to apply for a hustler fund application.

How to apply through USSD?

  • Here, interested candidates need to dial the USSD code *254#
  • Choose the loan request to see the interest, view, and loan tenure
  • Place the amount of loan that you want to avail from hustler funds and tap on OK to go ahead
  • Enter the pin of the mobile money
  • Now, you can get SMS on your devices on loan allocation.

How to apply through Mobile App?

  • Enter your mobile app through any mobile network operator
  • Choose the loan request option to see the limit, loan tenure, and interest
  • Place the amount of loan that you want to borrow in the form of a hustler fund, and then tap on OK to move further
  • Confirm all the loan details filled in by you
  •  Place the pin of your money mobile 
  • After all the above steps, you can get the SMS on the loan allocation

If your loan request is approved, 95% of hustler funds are transferred to your money mobile account. The remaining 5% will come to your savings account, which will later be used for the hustler pension program.


Here are the requirements you should meet to apply for hustler fund application online

  • Applicant’s age should be at least 18 years
  • Good conduct certificate
  • Applicant should be part of investment groups or credit societies
  • Mobile money accounts and working SIM active for more than 3 months
  • Applicants must have the permanent Kenyan resident
  •  Applicant must have the low-income bracket group


Here are the eligibility criteria that decide whether you are qualified for hustler funds.

  • You should carry a valid identification card.
  • Kenyan citizens must be 18 years to become eligible for accessing the hustler funds.

How does the hustler’s fund app download Kenya?

To begin avail of a loan from a lender, you must first download the hustler fund loan app. Now the question is how to download the hustler fund app Kenya. To download the hustler fund app, you must open the google play store on your devices and create your account here online.

The services of hustler funds are also available as other applications, like the M Pesa app, mini app, T Kash app, and airtel money app. Here you can get the hustler fund link that directs you to download the hustler fund app. The approved hustler loans of applicants will be easily accessible through the airtel money account, M Pesa account, and T cash account.

Hustler fund terms and conditions

Here are all the terms and conditions you should read before applying for the hustler fund

  1. The loan product and savings of the hustler fund must have a saving component. 5% of the advanced loan must be deducted to go with savings. A savings deduction of 30% will be applied to your savings account. And the remaining 70% of your savings deduction will be applied to the customer’s pension.
  2.  If you completely repaid the loan amount, you can access short-term savings after the year from the loan disbursement date.
  3. In the event of customer default, the interest rate will occur at 9.5% pa, from the effects of the 15th day.
  4.  If the customer is not passed by the 30th day from the disbursement date, the credit ratings of the customer might be checked by the fund, and it will be shown as a result of a review of the assigned credit limit of the customer.
  5. The interest applicable on the loan must accrue daily from the loan disbursement date until the last day of the year or any early date up on that loan is fully repaid.
  6. You can request an activity report or statement regarding your funds within the money mobile wallet through which the menu and mobile channels are applicable.
  7. The tariff associated with the charge by your internet services provider and telephone while communicating with the customer care center
  8. Telcos gathered some personal information for legal and obligations compliances.

Hustler fund interest rate

The hustler fund interest rate is low. Unlike the banks that provide you loans with up to 13% interest, the hustler fund only applies 0.002% interest per day, which is very low. For instance, if you take a loan of Ksh 500 from the hustler fund, and after 14 days, you have to repay the 501 and a few extra cents. This calculation shows how low-interest rates are applied to hustler funds compared to other loans.


To sum it up, the hustler fund is a great online opportunity for those who want to improve their financial circumstances economically. If you want to grow your business, the hustler fund is the perfect place to begin and reach new heights.


Can an individual apply for a hustler fund?

Yes, an individual can also apply for a hustler fund. The hustler funds do not put any restrictions on individuals. Adult age individuals are qualified to become eligible for the hustler fund.

How does hustle fund work?

The loans are prepared at once or in installments. You do not need to fill in the information manually. Also, there is no need to involve the third-party guarantee to apply for a hustler fund. You can easily apply for hustler funds online, as a personal loan works. 

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