How to Register HSBC UK Mobile Banking App? (Quick Guide)

HSBC Mobile Banking app new phone UK is the banking app of HSBC UK for providing banking facility from the palm of the customers. It is available for both Android and iOS users. The app offers a growing range of features and services for convenient banking.

The app requires Android 5.0 and above for functioning on Android devices and iOS 12.0 and later for iPhones. The app is highly rated on both app stores. For iPhone, the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app is 320.4 MB in size and for Android devices, the app is 48 MB in size.

hsbc uk mobile banking app

The HSBC UK Mobile Banking app offers Face ID and Touch ID login facility. UK customers can do Direct Debits, view or cancel standing orders, block and report loss of debit & credit cards, and also order card replacement.

It helps customers to make payments on the go and check balances quickly. Further, people can deposit cheques easily by scanning them with their smartphones.

How to Register & log in HSBC Mobile Banking app?

  • Registered HSBC online banking users can simply download the app and use the existing credentials to log in to the app.
  • Those who are new users can download the app and then accept the Terms & Conditions.
  • Further, they can “Register for mobile and online banking” on the app and use it to conveniently address their banking needs.
  • You will also need to confirm your date of birth, phone banking security number, account details, or credit card numbers.
  • Finally, you will be required to set up your log-on details and security questions.

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Benefits of HSBC Banking app

Using the app offers the following benefits:

  • Easy money transfers between own and other’s accounts.
  • Global View and Global Transfer feature.
  • Helps in credit & debit card activation.
  • Easy access to account statements.
  • Facilitates mobile cheque deposits.
  • Offers the option to block cards.
  • Offers online bill payments.
  • Live chat feature.
  • People can also enable gambling restrictions on their individual cards.

How to Transfer Money from HSBC Mobile Banking app?

The HSBC Mobile Banking app can help you transfer money between your own personal account and send money to your friends and family with their account and mobile number instantly.

The app also offers a Global View and Global Transfer feature to help you manage your finances more easily.

You can see all your HSBC accounts in one place with the help of the Global-View feature.

The Global Transfer feature can enable you to transfer money between all your HSBC accounts completely free of charge instantly.

How do I download HSBC app on iPhone & Android?

For iPhone users, downloading the HSBC Mobile Banking app is easy. All they have to do is click on this download link and then click on the Get button. Further, they can enter the Apple passcode to continue with the download process.

For Android users, they can click the download link or go to the Google Play Store and search for the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app and then click on Install the app.

HSBC customer service telephone number

UK customers can get in touch with the customer service teams 24*7 at 03456007010. For people situated outside the UK, they can connect on +44 1442 422 929 round the clock.

Other than this, they can also head to the Help section of the HSBC website to scan through various in-detailed FAQs for assistance and for having their queries resolved. Other than this, customers can avail the chat services from the HSBC Mobile Banking app.

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