How to use HoYoLab App app? (A Quick Guide)

The Hoyolab app is free for its users and it is different from the Genshin Impact game. The Hoyolab app can be downloaded by Genshin Impact players on Android and iOS devices. Hoyolab consumes 48.75 MB of space for Android device downloads and iOS devices consume 51.2 MB of space.

What is the HoYoLab app?

The HoYoLab app is capable of providing many convenient features to its users and gamers can benefit greatly from the app. The best part of the app is that it sends notifications to the players every day to log in to the app.

Those players that log in to the app can derive various useful important resources which help them in playing and winning the Genshin Impact game.

Additionally, the players can note a lot of their statistics through the HoYoLab app. It is owned by miHoYo, so what you look at is the official version of the app.

HoYoLab app apk genshin impact

How to HoYoLab app download on Android?

Head straight to the Google Playstore for downloading the HoYoLab app apk for Android.

The Google Playstore is a convenient place to download the official version of the app for your Android devices. Just click on the Install button and then wait for the app to get downloaded. 

The Android versions need to be 6.0 and above to confirm the download of the Android version of the HoYoLab application.

How to HoYoLab app download for iOS?

The HoYoLab application is available in the iOS AppStore and the same can be downloaded from the Apple AppStore.

From the Apple AppStore, you can download the genuine version of the HoYoLab apk by simply pressing the Get button.

HoYoLab Genshin impact can be downloaded in iOS versions which are above 11.0.

How to install the HoYoLab app on a PC?

To install HoYoLab on your PC, you’d need an emulator. You could try Blue Stacks or any other emulator of your choice.

  • Once you have downloaded an emulator file, next you’ll have to set up a Google account with the emulator.
  • Further, you can easily open Google Playstore in its environment and then download the HoYoLab app on your personal computer (PC).
  • You can also try a slightly different process to install the HoYoLab app on your PC. Try to download the apk file from this site.
  • Either open the file within the emulator or you can drag the file within the emulator window to install the HoYoLab on your PC.

How to use the HoYoLab App?

The HoYoLab is a valuable addition for the Genshin Impact gamers.

This is how it works or can be used for your purposes.

  • – Once you have the app in your system or device, register an account with it.
  • – The account should be associated with the preferred in-game character.
  • – Click on the Check-in tab which can be found on the right-hand side of the screen.
  • – From the calendar, tap on the most appropriate day for opening rewards through it.
  • – Now go to your Genshin Impact Box to find out the rewards that have come up by using the HoYoLab app.

The stuff you receive includes or can be broadly divided into four categories- food, money, primogens, and materials which bring inexperience with them.

Players can also receive a hundred Primogens gifts as a bonus and 10,000 Mora as first-time offerings. Though it does not possess a log-in calendar a daily check-in ensures this defect is obliviated in the app.

App Features

Several app features come in handy for the players using HoYoLab for playing the Genshin Impact game.

– With HoYoLab you can check out strategy guides.

– You can also check out fanart and cosplays.

– With it, you can read the news about different official upcoming events.

– It also helps in discussions and participation of different topics on official forums.

– The daily check-in feature benefits players in the long run.

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