How to use venmo debit card? Check Balance & Pay with it

Venmo debit cards are handy and work like any other debit card. You can use a debit card to 

  • Make ATM withdrawals, 
  • Cashback for a certain purchase
  • Withdrawing funds and sending cash are other options to explore using the card.

How to use venmo debit card at ATM?

venmo debit card

Venmo debit cards can be used for free at all MoneyPass ATMs. 

  • Swipe your Venmo debit card.
  • Include the PIN and draw out the amount you want to.

How does venmo debit card work?

The Venmo debit card is a Mastercard network and works like any other Mastercard anywhere else.

If you are trying to apply for a debit card and receive a get in-line message, it means you might have to wait for some days. When your turn comes, you would be intimated through mail to initiate a request for a debit card.

You wouldn’t realize any difference in the working of the Venmo debit card from other debit cards you use.

How to put money on venmo debit card?

Money can be added to your Venmo debit card from a bank account to which you have linked your Venmo card. You can auto-set a certain withdrawal amount everytime your Venmo account balance exhausts.

How to take money out of venmo debit card?

To transfer money out of Venmo debit card, these are the steps.

  • Use the following route, Transfer money>manage balance>transfer balance.
  • Type a money amount you would like to transfer from your Venmo balance to your bank.
  • Either choose instant transfer or standard transfer services.
  • After confirming the transfer details, click on the Transfer tab.

How to check venmo card balance?

To check Venmo balance, you can use one of the three ways.

  • On the website, you can check your Venmo balance directly from your profile page section.
  • On the app, if you click on the profile photo, it will display your balance.
  • By calling the IVRS or customer care network, you can find out your balance.

How to pay with Venmo card?

Using the Venmo app, you can pay your bills easily.

  • Visit the Venmo credit card segment
  • Press on the View and Pay option in this segment.
  • Use the money in your Venmo account or in your bank account to make the payments.

Can you use Venmo card at stores?

Yes, the Venmo card can be used in almost all registered stores. To find out the stores where you can shop, refer to the list from your Venmo website.


Venmo is a P2P app that has proved its efficiency during COVID-19. Through its several different provisions, you can actually benefit hugely. Refer to our article for more insight on Venmo.

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