How to Use Kaiber AI & What are its Alternatives?

AI is becoming the buzzword, and people are finding newer generations of AI that enable them to envision the world differently. But what AI can do and what it is doing right now has a large gap. However, they have begun taking baby steps forward.

Newer tools laced with AI are already on the market, and these are capable of even generating videos for you. Right now, such tools in practice are Kaiber, and if you want to generate your own video, try using this particular tool.

 If you are ready to learn more about it, here it is for you:

How to use kaiber ai

What is Kaiber AI?

Video generation tools that can help you create a video using your own image or detailed text descriptions. It comes with the ability to sync in numerous other apps and tools. For example, here is what you will be able to sync together.

  • Musician: Spotify & Canva
  • Artists: Inspiration
  • Creators: Content
  • Futurists: Fun

Kaiber AI Features

Every plan comes with slightly different features.

For the free planYou can have 30 credits for 30 seconds. They will also have the Kaiber watermark.
With the Pro planYou get an option of 1000 credits, enough to create 100 videos every month. They will come without a watermark.
Studio PlanYou will need to get in touch with them and curate a plan according to your needs.

The common features of all the plans are:

  • There are several different templates to choose from.
  • Customising characters, backgrounds, and dialogues is all you need to participate in, while the rest of the work is done by the AI tool.
  • When you upload your scripts, Kaiber will match them with the best animated visuals.
  • Sharing these videos on social media platforms is easy with the tool.
  • A library full of royalty-free music is within your reach, and you can use it to enrich your videos.

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How to Use Kaiber AI?

The use of Kaiber is a five-step process where you will have to do these five steps sequentially and then rest while the tool does the rest.

  • Start by uploading your files, like your audio, video, or image file.
  • In clear words, describe your needs. You can also use pre-existing templates saved with them.
  • Go to the settings option of the video and then upload your video’s length, dimension, camera movements, and other such details.
  • Choose the starting frame from the four options they generate for you.
  • The last step will be to download the video. alternatives

These are the five Kaiber AI alternatives you can choose to use.

  • Lumen 5
  • Fliki AI
  • Runway AI
  • Pictory
  • DeepBrain AI

Plans & Prices

Kaiber AI is free to use and has a paid mode where you will need to pay just $10 for a month. You can also choose to create your own plan for studio production if you wish to create a long version of the video.  

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How does Kaiber AI work?

Uploading your file is the first step, followed by the next, where you must write down a detailed description of what you expect to get from the video. Once done with the second step, adjust your video length and dimensions, and also fix the camera movement. Direct the camera movement for the entire length of the film.

Wait for the AI to generate your video, and once done, complete it by downloading it.

How long does it take for a video to render?

It takes thirty seconds for Kaiber AI to generate your video. However, the video rendering time also depends on the length of the video.


If you are an AI enthusiast, it would be great for you to know the details of different apps. Also, if you are a video maker, knowing about the Kaiber AI app will work wonders for you. Use the app and reap the results in no time. Initially, you can start by using the app for free and then move ahead by upgrading your plan as per your needs.

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