How to USE PBIS Rewards Student App? Get free points

PBIS Rewards has a deep connection for the students. Therefore, most schools prefer to go for the latest PBIS Rewards Student App to provide maximum benefits for the students, staff, and parents. Please check all the information for proper usage of this excellent app. 

What is the PBIS rewards student app?

PBIS Rewards Student App
  • PBIS Rewards Student App is primarily for the benefit and convenience of the students
  • Separate schools can become the member of this app and add the school name with a QR code
  • This app helps the students to know about different articles available in the personal store of the respective schools
  • They can thus set the goals about how to utilize the points received on the app.

How to download PBIS Rewards Student App?

  • Go to the app section of Google PlayStore, Apple Playstore, or Amazon App Store 
  • Select PBIS Rewards Student App
  • Download and wait for the installation
  • This app is also available via a web browser
  • The students need to know the QR code as generated by respective teachers

How to use PBIS Rewards Student App?

  • The teachers generate QR codes by using the PBIS Rewards Student App.
  • They let the students know about this code.
  • The user will get access to the app only after scanning this QR code.
  • Another technique to use the app is the option for Single Sign-on. In the case of SSO, please give your credentials and school name to start using the app.
  • The students can utilize the app to monitor their progress and check the rewards available. 

How to get free PBIS points?

  • There is no additional cost involved in downloading the PBIS Rewards Student App
  • The free points are available for the students if they are into some specific activities in school.
  • Some instances are;-
  1. Using colored chalk for explaining certain things
  2. A student teaching maths lessons in one of the classes
  3. If a student work as an apprentice of the principal for around 20 minutes
  4. Indulge in working during the recess
  5. Use the lunchroom for working
  6. Use a marker for writing during the whole day

PBIS reward ideas for students

Some exciting PBIS reward ideas for the students include;-

  • Activity with one of the teachers, mentors, or administrators
  • Trophies
  • Becoming a DJ master
  • Start a day’s class by taking suggestions from an icebreaker Guru
  • Participation in a special game of Kickball
  • Enjoy the freedom of choice regarding the rewards
  • Getting a special seat in the school-bus

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