How to update HBO max app on Samsung TV? (Quick Guide)

To update the HBO max app on Samsung TV, one has to follow the below-mentioned steps.

How to update HBO max app on Samsung TV?

How to update HBO max app on Samsung TV

– From the Smart TV Hub of your Samsung TV app, choose the Apps from the Menu.

– On the upper right-hand corner, you’d find the Settings tab, select it.

– From the dropdown list, choose the Updates tab if you are planning to update the HBO max app on your Samsung TV.

– Now, you have to select HBO Max and then click on the update tab for this particular TV.

How to download HBO max on Samsung smart TV?

HBO Max is available on only a few selected ranges of Samsung Smart TV. As per the list, it is available on all Samsung Smart TVs from Samsung Smart TVs 2016 model onwards.

To download Samsung Smart TV, you must counter-check if your TV has that provision. Once you’re sure just complete these few formal steps to set it up on your television set.

– Open your Smart Hub screen, choose Apps and then place a search for HBO Max.

– Once you choose HBO Max, you can easily download the app.

– Once the app gets downloaded, either begin a free trial or purchase a plan after registering with the app.

HBO max on Samsung smart TV not working?

 It could be a temporary issue or it could be an outdated version so you need to check first if it’s either of the cases.

Further, still, if it does not work, then maybe you should try cold booting or hard resetting.

To cold reboot, keep holding the power switch for 5-10 seconds, and when the TV restarts, you can easily check if you can easily watch HBO max or not after reinstalling it in your system again.

To hard set, disconnect your TV from the power source. You must also disconnect the router. After waiting for five to ten minutes, turn on your router and wait until it’s completely on. Turn on your smart TV post switching on the router and connect your Smart TV through the Wi-Fi to the internet.

It might also be, that your HBO Max is waiting for an update. Update it and see if it works.

If there is an unsupported version issue, then you can take the following measures.

– From the Settings in the app Menu, free up space and then uninstall HBO max from your smart TV. 

– Next, install it again and it should surely run.

Can’t find HBO max app on Samsung TV?

If you’re newly trying to find out the HBO max app on Samsung TV then you might have to check your model before you can even think of anything else.

Older models are not supporting HBO Max. 

But, if you earlier could install HBO Max in your device and due to some error, you’re now not able to do so, then maybe you would want to do a counter check of your device.

There might be an old updated version that might be causing an issue, or it could be a problem with the connections.


How do I download the latest version of HBO MAX on my Samsung Smart TV?

Simply follow the above steps for updating the latest version of HBO Max on your Samsung Smart TV.

Will HBO Max be on Samsung Smart TV?

If your television version supports it then yes, you will be able to watch HBO Max on Samsung Smart TV.

Why won't HBO Max load on my Samsung TV?

The most common problems are getting stuck on the welcome screen, crashing and buffering issues, blank and app grey screen.

– You can replug and reboot your device.

– Hold the start button until it reboots and switches on again.

– Try altering the DNS Settings.

– Reboot your router

– Update the HBO Max application

– Try to factory reset

– Reconfigure your Wi-Fi signal

– See if it has any pending software update, try to make it happen, and then check again if it’s working for you.

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