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Jeevan Pramaan Life Certificate

Jeevan Praman is a digitally-enabled biometric service for pensioners. All pensioners have to submit this on an annual basis. On an annual basis pensioner, have to present themselves in front of the disbursing agency like bank, or post office, or others. Submit life certificate through Jeevan Pramaan in the easy process below. 

What is life certificate submission?

submit life certificate

You need to get a life certificate, through the process. Sometimes, many of you face problems while commuting and presenting yourself in front of the authorities.

Therefore, the Digital Life Certificate for Pensioners Scheme of the Government called Jeevan Pramaan, is a hassle-free way to get the same digitally. The Aadhar Authentication process is used here. The life certificate submission is an easy and hassle-free process. 

How to generate life certificate online?

The process is extremely easy. You need to follow the steps below to generate the certificate. 

  • You need to download the desktop or mobile application, or else visit a Jeevan Pramaan Centre. The officials will ask you for your PPO Number, Aadhar Number, Bank Account details, and Mobile number. 
  • Then, you provide your biometrics for authentication, which generally involves fingerprint or the iris imprint. 
  • After you complete the process successfully, you get a message on your registered mobile number, mentioning your Jeevan Praman ID. The certificates are stored in a government database, from where your pension disbursing authority can access them at any point. 
  • You can download the Life Certificate from the Jeevan Praman portal, with your Jeevan Praman ID. 

How to submit life certificate for pensioners online through Jeevan Pramaan? 

All pensioners can submit their life certificates online, by using the Jeevan Pramaan portal. 

  • Download the app on the smartphone 
  • Use an UIDAI-approved device to give your fingerprints. 
  • The device can be connected to a smartphone, with an OTG cable. 
  • Register on the app with a one-time password. 
  • During the registration process, the pensioner has to provide Aadhaar number, mobile number, and the email ID.

The generation of the certificate is already explained above. The upload Jeevan Pramaan certificate process is easy. 

Life Certificate Form

All pensioners who are alive must submit the certificate without fail to continue to receive the pension. Failure to do it may lead to suspension. 

Life Certificate For Pensioners Last Date

The last date to submit the life certificate is on or before November 30, 2021. You can submit life certificate through jeevan pramaan, in the above process. 

How to get life certificate pdf?

  • Login to the Jeevan Pramaan portal.
  • Any pensioner can check the details after completing the above process. 
  • The Life Certificate ID is an essential requirement to download the certificate. 
  • The pensioner as well as the disbursing authorities can access the certificate at any time.

How to submit life certificate through post office?

Sometimes, pensioners have a hard time reaching their banks, which may be some distance away. The post office in the locality or any India Post registered post office, can help in the same. 

  • Visit the post office with all documents like bank passbook, PPO, and Aadhar Card. You can also register yourself online, and get it done by the postman from home. 
  • Give all details like Pension ID and Mobile Number, along with above documents. 
  • Authorize yourself with Biometrics. 
  • The Digital Life Certificate gets generated at that very moment. You get a message on your phone with Jeevan Pramaan ID. Your pension issuing authority also gets the details.


How can I send my life certificate with Pramaan ID?

You can generate the certificate after completing the generation process as above. You can download it and send to any third-party for reference. Your disbursing agency can also download it online with the Pramaan ID.

Can I submit LIC life certificate online?

Yes, you can submit is online. The email process is broadly accepted.

Can life certificate be submitted manually?

You can manually submit it with a form at your bank. Fill all the details and sign the form and submit it. 

These are a few ways, that you can generate and submit the life certificate to continue to receive pension.

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