How to send location on WhatsApp from google map Android?

The map to view your current location can be sent to anybody through Whatsapp. But how do you do it?

Today, this article will show you how you can send location using Whatsapp through Android and iOS devices.

How to send location on WhatsApp from google Maps?

1. How to share google map location on WhatsApp iPhone

To send location on iOS devices,

How to send location on WhatsApp from google map
  • Open the Whatsapp conversation and click on the (+) option, to see a list of options.
  • Turn on the phone location options.
  • You will have to click on Share current location option from the Google Map screen to share it with your contact.

2. How to share google map location on WhatsApp android

For Android users, start a new communication with Whatsapp.

  • Click on the paper clip option, and from there, select Location Services.
  • Turn on location services and click on the current location to send it to your contact.

How to send live location on WhatsApp?

The live location can tell you more about the exact current position of the person. Use the below steps to send live Whatsapp location.

  • From iOS devices, click on the (+) option, and from Android devices, click on the paperclip option.
  • Click on the location > live location option to share the location with your contact.

How to send Pin location on Whatsapp

  • Choose your contacts and then click on the paperclip option > location > select current location.
  • If you wish to send the pinned location, you will have to select the current or some already pinned (important locations) appearing in the list.

How to send location on WhatsApp without adding contact?

Sending location on Whatsapp to unsaved numbers without adding contacts can be done in the following way.

  • From your mobile browser, open the given link: In place of “x,” type the mobile number of the contact person. Add the phone number and the country code.
  • Open the link from the browser by clicking on it.
  • Click on the green tab alongside the recipient’s phone number to get redirected to Whatsapp.

Go ahead and message the number without adding their contact.

Whatsapp live location not updating solution

Live location updates do not happen when users do not use fast-paced internet services or use the old version of Whatsapp. Check on those to find a solution for Whatsapp not updating problems.

How to send location on WhatsApp web?

You cannot send locations, receive audio or video calls and share maps through Whatsapp web. 

How to share location on whatsapp status?

From your GPS set up, click on the ‘You are here’ option> choose to share your location option> Select Whatsapp as the source of sharing > select My Status and then tap the Send option.


Here’s a bit about Whatsapp and its easy use for sharing locations. Read to understand it better before using the service yourself.

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