How to Lock/Unlock chase debit card on app [2023] or Online?

Account holders want to lock or unlock their accounts from time to time due to various reasons. Locking and unlocking your Chase account can be done using the app.

Steps to lock chase debit card on app

  • Once you sign in select the account you want to lock.
  • Choose the Menu option from the three dots.
  • Under the Account services tab, you can move to the toggle switch which locks your account.
  • Toggle the switch towards the side which enables locking the account.
how to lock unlock chase debit card on app & online

How to block chase debit card online?

There are two ways in which you can block/lock your debit card. 

  • Use the above-mentioned online option to lock or block your debit card.
  • You can also call the call center to help you block the debit card.

How to Unlock chase debit Card On App?

Once you log into the Chase card app, you need to follow a few quick steps to unlock your debit card from the app.

  • Move to the Personal Banking option.
  • Click on the account linked to your debit card- checking account or savings account.
  • Move into the Account services option. Click on the unlock card tab.
  • Click on the toggle switch to alter your card’s status.

How unlock/unblock Chase Debit Card online?

Once you have made it to the Account services from your Menu option, you can toggle unlock or unblock the switch easily.

can I temporarily lock my chase debit card?

Yes, the toggle switch for locking or unlocking your account can be used for temporarily or permanently locking your account. If you wish to keep it locked permanently do not touch this tab.


Blocking or unblocking your cards alters certain account functions. However, it does not hinder other functions. Once you lock your card, you can restrict it from being used in making new purchases.

Advance cash options and transferring balances can also be prevented. However, recurring transfers will keep happening. You can explore the option of using a digital wallet for making purchases even when your debit card is locked.

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