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How to handle a wife

The fights in married life are very common, not only in India but in every country.

In every person’s married life there comes the situation when you need to handle a wife.

It’s on both of you, how you deal with the situation and ends your fight.

Usually, the reasons behind the fights between a husband and wife are small misunderstandings.

These fights can easily be solvable or you can easily handle her by having some little patience, giving respect to each other opinions, or by openly communicating with each other.

Many people are searching for and want to know how can they handle wife easily.

So, stick to this article “How to handle a wife-Best 8 tips for a husband” to the end.

1. Handle wife Responsibility

Making a married life to run smoothly and happily is not the responsibility of only one person. Both husband and wife need to be responsible.

If one is in anger then it’s the responsibility of other to be calmly and patiently listen to him and handle the situation. You need to control yourself if you want the situation between both of you don’t get worse.

If you want that your relationship should run smoothly. You need to control yourself then you can handle her easily.

Talk to her when your wife gets cool down. Then try to clear the things. This will make your relationship bond stronger.

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2. Adjust yourself with Wife

Adjusting and accepting in the married relationship is the best way to save your married life and to live a happy married life. You should adjust yourself to your wife if you want to control your wife.

Suppose if your wife is angry with you and you tell her some work and she refuses to do then don’t shout at her. If you know the reason, why she is angry. If you know that you have done some mistake then don’t argue with your wife.

Say her sorry and do it yourself. Don’t shout at your wife, if you do then there is a chance of having a big fight between you. It is the best way to handle a spouse.

3.Using Sweet words

Don’t use harsh words while talking to the wife if she is already in anger. You should only use soft and pleasing words to calm her. If wife shouts at you then have some patience and wait until her mind gets cool down.

Then start talking to her softly and try to clear all the misunderstandings which are in between you.

If you don’t do this then there may be a chance that your fight will never end and there always resides some kind of bitterness in between both of you for each other.

4. Handle spouse by giving surprises

Handle your spouse by giving surprises. Every girl loves surprises. It’s the best way to convince wife if she is angry with you. Give her some surprises, like pre-booking of a movie ticket, night out with her.

By giving some gifts and some little surprises without her knowing. You can win your wife’s heart easily by doing these things. You can give her a surprise by cooking food for her.

Girls love when men cook for her. Try these tips you will notice, it is the most effective way to control wife.

5. Always ask ‘why’ to yourself

It’s the best formula to handle her if you start questioning yourself that why your wife is acting like this?

Why is she behaving like this?

If she is angry with you then question yourself and start thinking about why she is angry with you. Try to remember all the things that you have done. Try to recall all the words that you told her.

Maybe you will get the answer to your question by yourself.  If you still don’t get it then ask her softly and start understanding her situation. This ‘why’ word is very powerful to find the solution to your every problem and in this way, you can handle the wife if she is angry.

6. Giving her time

You should give some time to your wife from your daily routine work. By giving some time, you can easily handle wife.

Talk to her, watch movies with her, dance with her, cook food with her, and help her in managing the children.

Always try to make your life interesting with her. Because there might be a chance that your wife is bored with her daily routine work. Maybe she wants something interesting in her life.

Your wife attitude towards you will definitely change if you start giving time to her. Maybe you will get a chance to see an absolutely new and loving wife in her which you have never seen ever before.

7. Become a responsible husband 

By minding your responsibilities, you can easily handle them. Take responsibilities that every husband needs to take. Be a dominant person in your home and start taking some decisions for your home.

Your wife may be angry that you don’t take responsibility for your home.

So, it’s time to prove her wrong and to start taking some decisions for your family. After that when your wife starts noticing this change in you then she might behave normally with you.

8. Ignore Wife Arrogant behavior

If you really want to learn how to control your spouse. Then Ignore the dominant and arrogant behavior of your wife. Don’t react to her behavior. So, when she doesn’t get the attention which she wants then she might stop behaving like that.

Ignore her behavior when your wife is in the menstruation cycle because at that time her mood may swings.

Don’t shout at her at that time because she might be already in a pain. Talk with her softly and care for her. Give time to her because at that time your wife needs only you. It is the most effective way to control the wife.

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