How to get verified on Paparazzi app? (Check Age Limit)

Do, you want to know, How to get verified on Paparazzi app? In the application, the user’s profile is mainly built of photos others have taken for them or the photos they have taken of others. Paparazzi wanted to take away the pressure of being perfect on social media. It promotes and loves when people share their candid moments with the world.

Users can, however, use their discretion to decide who takes their photos and which photos go into their profile. No one can overrule this discretionary power from the user.

Account privacy can easily be your choice if you don’t wish to make your photos and moments public. Poparazzi is available on all iOS platforms and would soon be developed for Android devices.

How to get verified on Paparazzi app

Getting verified on Poparazzi app is not easy unlike on Instagram and other social media platforms. In other platforms to get verified users simply need a given number of followers to get verified. But with Poparazzi, you need to be a popular creator to get verified,

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A few simple steps towards Paparazzi app verification include;

– Sign in and open the Poparazzi app on your phone or device.

– From the right-hand corner of the app, click on the Settings option.

– Now find out the Help button and then click to contact support.

– Take down the Poparazzi app support email ID: [email protected]

– Open your mail and send out a mail to this platform requesting them to verify your account.

– If you have been a regular popular creator you’ll easily be meeting their eligibility criteria and that way getting verified by them would also be easy.

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Poparazzi app age limit

Poparazzi is available for children above the age of 13. However, this app asks children not to save any data with the app, services, and the platform. Poparazzi also makes every effort to not save their data in any which way.

Paparazzi however, might save information about teenagers above 18. It can, however, be deleted by sending a deletion request to the [email protected] mail ID.

Paparazzi app release date

The Poparazzi app is a photo-sharing app which is released on Monday, 24th May 2021. The app is not a selfie platform instead it believes in improving the socializing skills where users are encouraged to post photos of their friends and families. With Poparazzi there are no front cameras and thus, the selfie is not at all an option. Rather, users are allowed to tag their friends imitating a paparazzi shot instead.


Though the app is very new, it has easily found a strong foothold and the reviews have already started pouring in for the app. Most users claim, the app is amazing and it is just what they were looking for a long time.

The app helps them to remain who they are and people also predict the need to be perfect is going to soon vanish and that being spontaneous and clicking random and candid photos is what would be the talk of the town for this new season.

Is the Paparazzi app safe?

There are undoubtedly no safety issues with using the Poparazzi app. It is just as safe as any other social media platforms and has similar risks involved which are part of these social media platforms today. However, the app makers believe the app is safe to use even for a 13-year-old teenager.

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