How to get Venmo credit card? How to Get Approved for Card?

Venmo credit card is a step ahead, and applying for one requires users to complete a few steps.

How to get Venmo credit card?

How to get Venmo credit card
  • From your Venmo app, select the Venmo credit card option.
  • Click on the blue-colored learn more tab and read every detail about it. Terms and rates can be read easily from the screen.
  • After reading it, press the Apply Now tab.
  • Once you have picked your card color, you must fill in the details in the available form. You must include your name, email, and your mailing address.
  • Now click on the Agree and Apply tab.
  • Once done, you can review your application from the approval page. Learn about the credit limit, variable purchase APR and cash advance credit limit from the page.
  • If you don’t have a physical card, your virtual card can work for you. 

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How hard to get Venmo credit card?

Like any other credit card, there are some tough credit checks involved. Your credit scores would be significant for your credit card approval. Generally, to apply for a credit card, you need to have a FICO (Fair, Isaac, and Company) score of 690.  You would also need to use the newest version of the Venmo app.

How to get approved for Venmo credit card?

If your credit scores are satisfactory and you are above 18 years of age with an SSN, you can indeed have the Venmo credit card.

Venmo credit card pre-approval process?

Your credit score will be checked to determine whether the credit card can be approved or declined. Your SSN and bank details would be checked thoroughly, and your activities would be closely monitored. These are the few steps towards the credit card pre-approval process.

Venmo credit card Requirements

There are several requirements one must fulfill to get a credit card. These requirements include,

  • Your credit score matters
  • The history of your credit score matters the most.
  • Individuals applying for a credit card must have an account for at least 30 days with Venmo.
  • The person needs to be active in their life and circle for at least 12 months.
  • The cardholder must at least be 18 years.

How long does it take to get Venmo credit card

The physical credit card might take 7-10 business days to reach your address.

Is Venmo credit card free?

Yes, there are no charges for getting a Venmo credit card.

venmo credit card fee

The Venmo credit card rates are fixed for every credit card transaction you make. You must pay $10 or 5% of each cash advance, whichever stands greater. Late payments have a flat $40 amount, and returned payments can cost $29.


This is all about Venmo credit card, and if you are planning to apply for one, read more about them here.

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