How to check venmo card balance at Atm? [Debit/Credit Balance]

How to check venmo card balance?

You can add money to your Venmo card balance in the following way.

  • Add the amount you wish to transfer and click on Done.
  • Use the bank account you wish to use to transfer the money and then click on the Next tab.
  • Review the transfer information and the date estimated for the arrival of your money. Further press on the Add Money option to initiate the transfer.
How to check venmo card balance

1. Check venmo credit card balance?

When you click on the Venmo credit card you can see the history of your transactions. Click on the Venmo credit card image to check your present balance.

2. Check venmo debit card balance

Debit card balance can be checked from an ATM, or during shopping.

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What is venmo card balance number?

For the Venmo credit card, talk to the Synchrony bank phone number (855-878-6462) present at the back of your credit card.

For debit cards, you can use the mobile app to chat with the representatives.

How to check venmo card balance at atm? 

For a Venmo card balance check at an ATM, you will need to swipe the card and then tap the card balance option. It would be displayed on the ATM screen for your convenience.

How can I check my Venmo card balance without an app?

Even without the app, you can do your Venmo card balance check at an ATM or straight by calling them. 

How to transfer Venmo debit card balance?

To send the money from your Venmo debit card to the bank, you will either have to use Venmo instant or standard transfer procedure.

  • Use the below icon sequence to make the transfer: Transfer money/transfer balance/manage balance>transfer to bank>choose the either instant or standard method. 
  • Click on transfer funds to finally make the transfer.

How to do Venmo credit card balance transfer?

You will not be able to do a Venmo credit card balance transfer since the Venmo credit card treats payments in the form of a credit taken from the bank.

So ideally transferring money from a credit card to a bank is not possible. Instead, a money transfer requires a debit card or a bank account transition.

How much Venmo card minimum balance?

If you have not turned on the auto-transfer requests for the Venmo card, you will need to maintain a balance to make payments. But if your bank account is linked to your Venmo, then the auto transfer of amounts would happen whenever you’re paying through Venmo. This way you need not maintain any Venmo card balance in your account.

Venmo gift card balance

If you have added the prepaid gift card to Venmo then you can go ahead and check the Venmo gift card balance from your app or even the ATM using the steps mentioned above.


Venmo is a US P2P platform working as a virtual ledger for making transfers. It is safe and a very sound way of making transfers however learn more about the Venmo debit and credit card balance requirements by referring to our content.

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