How to change Gamerpic on Xbox app new update 2024?

How to change Gamerpic on Xbox app new update

change Gamerpic on Xbox app

Gamerpic, Custom gamer picture, or Profile picture, is a unique image that sets one’s identity amongst any digital gaming platform. Until some time back, Microsoft had limited options for choices regarding custom gamer picture Xbox one. With that, users could have only chosen the “Gamer picture” from the set stock. However, lately, with the Xbox new update 2024, users can now upload and set a customized Xbox app gamer picture.

How to change profile picture on the Xbox app?

Changing the profile picture on the Xbox app is quite an easy task and can be done within no time. For doing so, follow the procedure explained below:

  1. Firstly, press the Xbox button on your controller and open the Guide menu on your console.
  2. Now select your Profile name, and it will land you directly to the Profile section.
  3. Here select the option My Profile, and it will open the Welcome tab.
  4. From the right-pane menu, select the option Customize profile.
  5. Now from the top-right menu, click on the option ‘Upload a custom image’.
  6. Choose a gamer pic for your profile from the selection displayed, or you can take a fresh picture of the avatar or select a customized image as well.
  7. Move the circle in the desired area and edit the image as per the requirement.
  • As you are done and satisfied with the image, go to the screen’s top-right and select the option Upload.
  1. Now Xbox will scan the image and make sure that it is clean and trouble-free. This process might take a while. Once it is done, your Profile picture/ Gamer picture will now reflect on your gaming profile.

Why can’t I change my gamerpic on the Xbox app?

With the Xbox new update, changing your Gamerpic with a customizable image is launched as an option for the users now. However, for maintaining a clean and safe gaming environment for all the users, there are certain limitations as well, which have to be follow regardless of the theme. It is a must only to upload a clean, appropriate, and non-controversial image.

Apart from that, the image must be in 1080×1080 resolution, and for uploading pictures using one drive, a pen drive or other USB device must be attached. In any instance, when the regulations are not followed, users might find difficulty in uploading their customized gamer pictures.

Xbox app change picture not working

Now even though Xbox has come up with a customizable gamer image option for its users, there are still some reports that the update is not working. As per Microsoft, the “Xbox app change picture not working” issue appeared because the technical team had temporarily disabled the latest Custom image update.

As the latest Xbox update, went live, more and more users started using it, resulting in strain on the website. Thus, Microsoft temporarily disabled the update. However, lately, the update is re-enabled and is now available to use.

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