How to Benidorm Beach Safety App Install For Android, iOS

Last updated on February 26th, 2022 at 08:10 am

Benidorm Beach Safety App

Benidorm App download

Welcome to the community that aims at providing the coolest and safest beaches for the summer. The developers of this Benidorm application have created a capacity control and a booking system that would make travelers have safe trips to their dream beaches in Europe.

The reservation will open from 20th July onwards and the booking schedule will start from 9 am. There are different shifts to continue with the booking process. These are- Morning, evening, and all day.

You may contact the service provider if you feel like canceling the reservation process. The contact number is- 965064385

How can you make your booking?

If beaches are your fantasy, never miss out on a chance to go on a beach trip. Book your trip right away with our Benidorm Beach Safety App. To get your booking done follow the given steps:

  • Press the button – ‘Book Your Space’ from the link here
  • Choose the date and the shift for your chose beach according to the availability
  • Enter in the queueing system of the Benidorm application
  • Choose the sector and the plot from the available options
  • Fill in details of the attendees and the reservation holder
  • Click on the email sent to you
  • From the email download your passbook
  • At the validation point, you will require to present the passbook
  • Get access to the plot and enjoy the trip

You may also click on the given link to cancel the process.

Cancel Process

At the very moment, you click the above link, you will get directed to the page where you will be given the option to choose your language. After choosing the language, you may proceed with the cancellation process.

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