How to Apply for Wage subsidy application-Check Status Eligibility

What is wage subsidy application?

The COVID-19 wage subsidy application needs to be filled by employers. To be able to pay and support employees for protecting their business if it is affected by Level 4 Alert.

The payment would be given at the rate of $600 every week for a full-time employee. For a part-time employee, it must be $359 per week. Payments have begun being processed from 20th August 2021.

wage subsidy application form

How to get covid 19 wage subsidy extension application form?

Covid 19 wage subsidy extension application form is available for two weeks. The application form needs to be filled by the employer for the employee. The form is present in the given link for you to fill online.

How to apply for wage subsidy?

It requires filling up of important information about the employee like;

  1. Name, age, gender
  2. Address and employee ID number
  3. A valid ID card is also to be submitted.
  4. Once the form is submitted you can wait for a certain time.

Ideally, employers will have three types of applications in front of them- if people are working under you, you’re self-employed, and if you’re a large employer with many people working under you.

How to check wage subsidy application status?

After creating a profile you can go back to your online application portal for finding out the status of your application. You can also check the status through mail or phone, by calling them up.

Who is eligible for wage subsidy?

For employers to be eligible for a wage subsidy, 

  • You must legally own a business in New Zealand.
  • Each of the employees must be presently working with you to support your business.
  • Your business has to meet the revenue decline test
  • There must be enough evidence in support of your business to support the declaration.
  • Before applying you must have taken active steps to resolve the issues you face in business. 


The employers have to submit the following;

  • 30% drop in revenue in the employer’s earning.
  • A forecast as to why there is or could be a drop in the earning.
  • What way do you use to calculate an employee’s usual pay?
  • Consultations you had with your banks, associations in the industry, and advisors.

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