Clear Path Relief Pilot Program-CPR Application Eligibility Guide

The Clear Path Relief-CPR Application Chicago is designed to help low-income motorists who have outstanding bills and fines related to traffic rules. The program begins on April 01 for the motorists and drivers who are struggling financially to pay their traffic-related bills.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot has introduced this program to help those who are under vehicle-related debts during and post covid situations. The move has got mixed reactions from the public. Some are praising this move while some are criticizing the mayor for implementing this program.

Read the complete article to know what is clear path relief program, who is eligible, what are the benefits and how can you apply for the program.

What is the clear path relief pilot program?

clear path relief pilot program

The clear path relief pilot program gives an opportunity to the registered owners of the vehicle to waive off any outstanding vehicle-related debt. These debts may include expenses like parking, compliance, red light, and speed but it does not include expired meter tickets. The program intends to release the financial burden of motorists who are already facing financial crises due to covid situations.

The government officials feel that by reducing the traffic-related expenses the money can be used for improving the living standard of economically weaker sections by providing them with basic essentials like food, shelter, healthcare facilities, and clothing.

Clear Path Relief Pilot Program: Benefits

If you are looking forward to the clear path relief pilot program and are willing to know the benefits of the program then read the point below.

  • The program includes benefits like waiving off vehicle-related debts like parking, red light, compliance, and speed but excludes expired meter ticket debts.
  • If you pay the basic fine amount for the tickets issued in the last 3 years then the outstanding debts before that 3 years will be waived off.
  • If you pay the new tickets issued within 365 days from the date of enrolment on time then you will pay only 50% of the total outstanding amount.
  • Penalty will not be imposed on new tickets until after December 31, 2023.
  • This program will not waive off meter ticket debts. To avail benefits of this program, the participants first must pay their meter tickets fully or enroll in a payment plan with any associated penalties.

Who is eligible for the Program?

Before applying for the clear path relief pilot program applicants must know who is eligible to apply for the program.


  • Applicants must have outstanding vehicle-related debts and they should be the registered owner of the vehicle for which the debt is to be paid.
  • Applicants must be members of a household currently enrolled in the Utility Billing Relief program.
  • The household income of the applicants must be less than or equal to 300% of the Federal poverty guidelines.
Household size300% 30-day gross income

How to Apply for the Clear Path Relief Pilot Program?

Applicants who want to apply for the program may follow the given steps:

  • Browse through the official website or click on the above Apply Now button.
  • Now click Apply
  • Confirm your boot status
  • Debt verification: to avail the maximum benefits of this program you need to confirm your debts through notice number, Driver’s license, or license plate.
  • Give the information related to tickets
  • Give owner information
  • Confirm that you are eligible for this program by providing the required details.
  • The next two steps are: Prepare information and summary
  • By giving the above information you are all set to avail the benefits of the clear path relief pilot program.

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