How to Activate New SBI ATM debit card via YONO, SMS, ATM?

How to ACTIVATE a new SBI ATM debit card online?

Activating the new SBI ATM debit card online can be done by visiting and then following the below steps.

  • Select the ‘E-services‘ option and then go to the ‘ATM card services‘ from there.
  • The New ATM card activation tab is to be chosen next on the list.
  • From the numerous accounts displayed, choose the one against which you requested the new ATM card.
  • Enter the 16-digit ATM card number twice and then click the Activate button.
  • Click on the Confirm tab once you see all the details of your new debit card.
  • Add the secure password sent on your registered mobile number and then click the confirm tab. Soon, your ATM card activation message pops up in the browser.
how to activate new sbi atm debit card

How to Activate new SBI ATM debit card in ATM Machine?

To activate the new SBI ATM debit card, here are the steps.

  • Generate a green PIN by sending an SMS to 567676.
  • Visit your nearest SBI ATM and swipe your ATM card in the machine.
  • Choose the PIN generation option from the different options given.
  • Add your account number and click on the Confirm tab.
  • Add your registered mobile number and then click on the confirm option.
  • Re-insert the ATM card again after removing it.
  • Next, choose the Banking tab this time and enter the OTP you received.
  • Choose the Transaction tab and then tap on PIN change.
  • Add another chosen 4-digit PIN twice to reconfirm.

How to Activate NEW Sbi ATM Debit Card By SMS?

To activate the new SBI Atm card by SMS You need to follow these steps.

  • Open a new message and type a PIN, give a space, the last 4-numbers of your debit card, space, and then the last 4 numbers of your bank account.
  • The message must be sent from your mobile number registered with the bank to 567676.
  • The PIN that comes to your mobile number post request would be active for 24 hours.
  • Enter the PIN you received in your nearest SBI ATM to activate your debit card.

How to Generate SBI ATM PIN through YONO app?

YONO is an app that facilitates SBI net banking.

  • Choose a ‘service request‘ and then ATM or debit card.
  • Login through the profile password you chose during the Net banking registration.
  • Click on the ATM/Debit card activation tab.
  • After adding the 16-digit ATM debit card number, click on the Next button.
  • The OTP you’ve received on your mobile number needs to be added.

How to ACTIVATE Pin of New SBI debit card online?

Login to your SBI online account and then take the below measures to activate your PIN.

  • Choose e-services>ATM card services>ATM PIN generation> choose OTP/Profile password. If you have chosen the Profile password, you will need to add the SBI debit card and then click on the Confirm tab.
  • Once you are on the ATM PIN generation page, you can add two digits of your PIN into it.
  • An SMS will drop in your registered mobile number with another two digits.
  • Now in the next screen, add 2 of your selected digits with the two received through SMS, then click Submit tab.

This way your activated PIN is ready to activate your ATM debit card.


Generating a PIN is the first step towards the activation of the ATM debit card. You can use any of the described methods to activate your ATM card.

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