How long does it take to get the coronavirus test results

How long does it take to get the coronavirus test results?

The outbreak of the severe pandemic situation caused by the noble coronavirus has become a matter of bothering every human on this planet. Although the recovery rates are quite high, still there remains a thorough vibe of tenseness. A mild cough can make you worry about whether you are COVID positive or not. If you do not feel well, you might consult a doctor or go to the closest center for a health check-up to get a more confirmed decision. 

In this very context, I will answer some of the frequently searched items about the coronavirus.

Who should get tested?

get the coronavirus test results

I would highly recommend you to consult your doctor about taking a test. You might also call your local health department in this case when you personally don’t know any doctor. A list is recommended by the CDC, which sets a priority for the ones who should go through a test. There are two levels.

The first level includes the following points:

  • Anyone who is already admitted to a health center
  • Someone who is  a first respondent
  • Someone who works in a health care facility
  • Lives or works with a group of people, such as a prison or a long-standing care facility

The second priority level includes:

  • Someone who has the symptoms similar to COVID 19
  • If your doctor thinks that you should get tested, even if you  don’t acquire the symptoms

How to get tested?

You should call someone from the local urgent health care center or your family doctor. If you feel that the case requires emergency attention, then call at 911. 

When you attend the doctor over a call or visit him physically, you will require to answer a series of questions, including your symptoms.

Where to get tested?

Your doctor will instruct you about the place where you should get your test done. The professionals will also give you some instructions, including wearing a mask or going to a specific clinic.

How long does it take to get the results?

You will probably get your result the next day of getting tested. Sometimes it takes a bit longer, but the maximum limit is 72 hours.

You will get the results through a text or email after the result is ready.

If you get a negative result, then you do not require to go through the self-isolation process. 

If you get a positive result, then you should necessarily self-isolate. You should start self-isolating yourself for ten days, starting from the day you first noticed your symptoms. Anyone who is in your support bubble, including your family members, must also remain in isolation.

If your result is inconclusive, you must get tested for a second time, as early as possible. Till then, you should continue to remain in isolation. The same goes for everyone who has come in direct contact with you in recent days.

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